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What is wrong with Liberals/Progressives

In case you did not see this letter in the Arizona Republic a gentleman by the name of Frank Long has it right. He wrote "What amazes me about liberals is the self-made information bubble that they seal themselves inside. Liberals live life within a main-stream media bubble that parrots itself and protects them from factual information."

He is so right. One can live a life time in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc., etc., without ever meeting a conservative person and…


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David Schweikert is a Pseudo Patriot, a Pretender Patriot and Does Not Deserve Your Vote!

Open Letter to Ben Quayle:

Ben needs to realize that he has allowed David Schweikert to make personal attacks and take what was for Ben a sacred, religious act, the gathering of water from the Sea of Galilee, and turn it into something questionable and unwholesome. Ben should explain to the unwashed (David Schweikert), that the Sea of Galilee is the source of the Jordan River, which is where Christ was baptized and…


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$50 lesson

Recently, while I was working in the flower beds in the front yard, my

neighbors stopped to chat as they returned home from walking their dog.

During our friendly conversation, I asked their 12 year old daughter

what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said she wanted to be

President someday.

Both of her parents - liberal Democrats - were…


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Runaway slave by C.L. Bryant

Runaway slave, a movie by C.L. Bryant is playing to record crowds and I would like to see it played here in Phoenix. What the producers need to bring it to us is a commitment of 1100 movie goers on the first weekend it opens and a venue for their advertising to vet the word out including radio advertising. Can we make this happen? I'm trying to get enough support to bring the movie here to Phoenix. See the trailer at…


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What Life is Like on the Liberal Reservation

What Life is Like on the Liberal Reservation

Read more:

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I would suggest that EVERYONE verify that they are registered to vote! 

It may sound like something you do not need to do, but you could be mistaken.

My husband and I have not only been registered, but have been getting early ballots for many years.  We did not receive our early ballots for the election in February.  My husband tried to contact the county recorder’s office, but was put on what seemed like permanent hold. …


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Skinny Dipping in the Galilee --- Quayle how cold was the water?

How much alcohol did the taxpayers pay for to get ya'll riled up enough to get nekkid? Must of been some party.

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Townsend for AZ House

Hi folks,

I didn't want to use the front page for my campaign, so I will post a shameless plug here for you to see my website and see how the race is going.

Thank you so much for your support!

My best,


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We all need to remember this

“If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert , in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.” ~ Milton Friedman

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Building his Army

I took my children to breakfast this morning at my local Avondale IHOP and upon entering I overheard a customer at the checkout complaining about the overtime she has been working at DHS. She said, " We have over 3,000 applications for food stamps, and unemployment, I kid you not."

I am so tired....but NOT DEFEATED!

Man are these assholes setting these people up for a hardship or what?



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Confrontational Politics

Here is a quote written by Morton Blackwell a Virginia National Committeeman. It could not be better expressed why conservatives never do well. It clearly explains how Ted Cruz came from far behind in the Texas primaries to win by a wide margin.

" Some conservatives still linger under the misapprehension that being right, in the sense of being correct, is sufficient to win in the public policy process. If you can prove you are right, they believe, victory will fall into your hands…


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Jon Kyl, where in the constitution does it authorize the Federal Government to own land?

Comment by JPD on October 27, 2011 at 9:54pm

Too funny, no mention or link to the bill: H.R.1904 Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2011 (Engrossed in House [Passed House] - EH).

How did the Federal Government get the land to swap with Resolution Copper Company? How did Resolution Copper Company come upon the 8 parcels of land the Federal Government…


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Why would Wil Cardon pull his negative Jeff Flake political ads from TV at the same time voters started to receive their early mail-in ballots Thursday August 2,  at a time when self-funding Cardon should be ramping UP his Flake attack…


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Mr. Deakin posted this ... this morning Again the question to Bill Montgomery, with the ruling on SB 1070 that AZ law enforcement CANNOT enforce FEDERAL laws how can you sit there and state that you will go after granny and her doobie? However you will comply with NOT enforcing the Federal Laws in regards to Illegals? After all it is just an interpretation from…


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Is Bill and Tom's Excellent Adventure against Medical Marijuana a violation of States Rights?

Yo Bill and Tom "You say pot makes people hungry, stupid, and lazy.  So you are saying we have had a 40 year war against hungry, stupid, lazy people and we still can't win it?  I think it's time to throw in the towel."     - John Jay Myers, candidate for U.S. Senate from TX

Watching as Bill and Tom state aggressively that if you are a cancer patient or other terminally or mentally ill patient and growing and using your own pot, in your own home, with your Dr's note, under AZ law, they…


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How sad it is....

This is what AZ Tea Party is reduced to.... What a great dissappointment. With so many wonderful HONEST, upstanding citizens in AZ, all we have to put up against Mary Rose Wilcox is .... RON (I lie to your face with every handshake ) Harders????? Really. How pathetic. Look around you, do you hear the chirp of crickets? Total silence.... Not many going to meetings these days? Think back to who you aligned yourself with. The crowd pleasers... Heydumdum, Haney, Wilkfors.... I hear they are…


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Democrat will face Democrat in 18 races, and Republican will battle Republican in eight more in General in Nov.

I can assure you that State Representative Tom Chabin and others who fought so hard to get Top Two in Arizona do not have your best interests at heart.


Top Two Proves To Be A Disaster In California

August 2, 2012 in…


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