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Will Hell get Frozen over again

 As you know that Shane Wikfors, Politicco Mafioso and Seeing Red Arizona FROZE hell over for his Majesty king Robert Graham. Last election! And I am just sitting here reading about the McCain Machine. Telling Ken Bennett to get out of the way of his Boy Doug Ducey! Now Ducey has been in training under McCain all the way back from 1986 when he was…


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Some more info on Keating's 5 and Ducey's MONEY bag!!

Looks like mr. Ducey …


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Ducey McCain's boy from 1986 till??

 McCain is a maverick and Doug ducey is a political outsider. Not the only jokes our researchers found back in the late 80's McCain and 4 Democrats were bought by Charles Keating then "king" of the lincoln savings! Doug Ducey was working for Hensley & Co., the local Anheuser-Bush distributorship in 1986! And may have been in training from The RINO! O' yes Ducey also know Mr. Fannin a real buddy of McCain from way back and former GOP state party Chairman!…


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Glenn Beck Oct 11th in Phoenix

Tea Party Discount Tickets!…


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The United States is at war with islamic militants, we must not help the so called rebels in Syria these jihadist killers like alqaeda  and jabhat al nusra and other criminals non human form of life committed haynes crimes across Syria.they beheaded a priest in front of his congregation, kidnapped bishops, attacked and masacre an entire village.they ate a dead  soldier heart and liver

if our goverment help these killers control Syria they will kill all non sunni population of 10…


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The Muslims?

 I was told that the Muslims wanted McCain to bomb, bomb Syria !!…


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McCain don't like legal Hispanics

 I asked McCain to stop lumping us legal Hispanics citizens with the illegal Aliens! I said we get that from the good old white boys that run the GOP here! He just turned away from me and said I will try to remember that! Now I have been asked if McCain had some Muslins traveling with him? Hell if he did do you think he would tell me. When he saw me he just wanted me to go away!! I don't think he likes LEGAL CITIZENS Latinos and Hispanic . We don't run around KISSING his white butt like the…


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My email to McCain after his Townhall

Your mind was made up long before you did the townhall. Dumb question? Dumb attitude to display to Arizona on TV! How dare you insult not only this state's intelligence but also all Americans! You may have served this country once-upon-a-time but…


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My email to John McCain

Striking Syria will only endanger U.S. national security!!! The American people KNOW THE TRUTH! Rebels have ADMITTED misusing chemical weapons!!!  It wasn't ASSAD! You are war hungry and need to quit! You are NOT representing the will of Arizona! Arizonians DON'T want us to strike Syria! For once in your career, LISTEN TO THE WILL OF THE's your duty to the Constitution and the people of the state you "supposedly" represent!


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Tweet to John Kerry


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My Tweet to Obama


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The Truth About Syria and Chemical Weapons

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obama is trying to divert attention from his failures and scandals, by attacking syria

 our goverment in bed with the lowest form of life on earth, killers, murderers, rapists, jihadists from all over the world, the U.S is moving these animals from country to country to undermind their secular stable goverments.  here is a list of our freids now that reflect our values:

islamic jihad, al qaeda, jabhat al nusra, ansar al shariah, shabaab al mujahideen, muslim brotherhood, al…


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