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 Parrza now has a fat chicken woman. and is she paid for this?. please i need to know!!

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United Nations Poll Watchers

This is a slippery slope issue.  I have heard little dissent when the UN watches the votes and counting in other countries.  Maybe because we have little trust of other “Democracies” that even the doubtful eye of the UN seems like a good idea. 

Personally I do not support the U.N. nor its involvement in any nations business.

If I have time to attend this rally I will do so gladly, as a message about the U.N. in general. 

My intention will not be designed to prevent…


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Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett instructs LD13 Candidate Russ Jones to go ahead and campaign?

Early last week (October 16, 2012) voters started receiving mailers form Russ Jones saying he is a “write-in candidate” for Arizona House Representative Legislative District 13. Russ Jones has stated that Arizona’s “Chief Election Officer” Secretary Of State Ken Bennett has given him (Jones) the green light to send out mailers and conduct campaign activities, even when he is not listed on the official Secretary of State write-in candidate list.

But, Russ Jones is ‘INELIGIBLE’ to run…


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Write-in "Van" Clair AZ State Legislature Representative LD13

link - Van for AZ LD 13…


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Jim Deakin Votes on the AZ Propositions

FOR DETAILED INFORMATION VISIT THE AZSOS WEBSITE http://www.azsos.gov/election/2012/info/PubPamphlet/english/Prop114.htm



A "yes" vote shall have the effect of protecting crime victims from having to pay damages to a person who was injured while that person committed or attempted to commit a felony against the…


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Who is this? Is he filling an opening with her?  Where is Lilia?

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Parrza Now Paying

 Just got this. I know we can use this. Need to let all VOTERS about this 2 emails . no.2…


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Dr. Cristina Beato, Jeff Flake, Richard Carmona, Press Release

Before you vote for John S. McCain Jr. - Jeffery Lane Flake, review Dr. Cristina Beato’s resume/past and ask yourself, is the McCain Progressive Machine so desperate as to throw caution aside and go with the Beato angle, an individual who is…


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I-11and Intermountain West Corridor Study

Did anyone see this in the Az. Republic 10/8/12?  Not sure I like the sound of this and am wondering if this is a way of bypassing our own ports and putting Mexican and Canadian trucks on our highways.  Sounds like the same move they made in Texas.

"Public Information Meeting

The Nevada and Arizona departments of transportation are working together on a two year study of the…


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Tell Phoenix - No Id's for Illegals.


Pursuant to A.R.S. Section 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the PHOENIX CITY COUNCIL and to the general public, that the PHOENIX CITY COUNCIL will hold a meeting open to the public on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, at 5:00 p.m. located in the City Council Chambers, 200 West Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona.

Citizen Comment will take place immediately after adjournment or recess of the regular weekly…


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How many times have you guys visited the blogs? Check and see!

Hi guys,

I keep track of the hits we get on the main page, and also on the blogs home page.  Here is how many times the blog home page has been visited:

469,903 times!


You guys rock!!!


Love ya,


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 the Latino Tea Party will hold a meeting today Saturday at GOP HQ's 3501 n.24th st. from 10:am till 1:pm. We need your input on How to go after Randy the Clown trun Chicken man. He is paying for flyers that have been passed aroung by some girls that told me he was the big boss. Next question why is Randy Parrza paying for Paul Ponzone? Is he in Randy Parrza's hip pocket. Is Ponzone going to let Parrza pick and choose what law to inforce. We need your help to keep Maricopa county safe. We…


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Phoenix to give ID's to illegals

All hell needs to be heard so this does not go into effect.

Read the story here

Call Councilman here:

City of Phoenix, Councilman Michael Nowakowski's Office

200 W. Washington St., 11th floor

Phoenix, AZ 85003

Phone: 602-262-7492

TTY: 602-495-5810

Fax: 602-534-4816



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The Clown turns Chicken Man

 The Latino Tea Party Will Hold a SPEICAL MEETING THIS SATURDAY 10/13/2012 at GOP HQ's 3501 n.24 st.from 10:am till 1:pm. We need to go after the Chicken Man Randy

Some of The Clown's trun Chicken man girls have come to my house 3 times and have given this!!…


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Jerry Weires for Glendale Mayor doesn't want your vote:

It's the number of dollars Glendale spent into oblivion!! $50+ million of it was flushed down the NHL's toilet of OUR money we didn't have a say in how it was spent!! Hey Jerry: you didn't support us having our say either!! Remember? You didn't support allowing Glendale residents to have our say at the ballot box! FISCAL CONSERVATIVE applications now being accepted for Glendale Mayor. Party affiliation not required for this position! No more CON-servativrs for Glendale!! We want the real…


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Why McCain needs Flake

To ALL who love America:
When Arizona RINO Senator John McCain gives his support to another United Nations Treaty......you…

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AZGOP’s star Constantin Querard

Take a look at Darin Mitchell’s and Steve Montenegro’s campaign sign.

Compare the “m” and the other “m” and the “&” symbol between the m’s

to the m&m brand on the bag of candy.…


Added by JPD on October 6, 2012 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

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