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A video letter to Sens. Franken & Klobuchar

this guy's demonstration and narrative goes directly to the point that the current plotting in dc has nothing to do with safeguarding the nation's children...their only goal is to further their personal agenda and to continue shredding the Constitution of the United States.....

it is well worth the time to watch this and i hope it goes viral.....…


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Act of Valor

just got back from the first showing of this is a must see!!!!!! 

anyone that questions our defense budget/spending should be made to sit through this movie....and then, knowing that this is a true depiction of the dangers facing our nation and of the courageous patriots protecting us, i dare them to look those patriots and their families in the eye and tell them our defense spending is out of control.

in 1952 defense was 68% of our total outlays…


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What can you do to help secure the integrity of Wisconsin's elections?

What can you do to help secure the integrity of Wisconsin's elections?

Volunteer to Verify The Recall!

We have all been hearing reports of duplicate signatures, questionable practices, and downright fraud in the gubernatorial recall effort. In the last few weeks, there has been a public outcry to build a system to check the submitted signatures after learning that the Government Accountability Board (GAB) will assume all signatures are valid unless challenged as otherwise. The…


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back door amnesty threat...

Backdoor Amnesty?’ Obama Halts Automatic Deportation of Illegals

WASHINGTON (The Blaze/AP) — The Obama administration said Thursday it will allow many illegal immigrants facing deportation the chance to stay in this country and apply for a work permit, while focusing on removing from the U.S. convicted criminals and those who might be a national security or public safety threat.

That will mean a case-by-case review of approximately 300,000 illegal…


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action teams

here is a site to check out for those that want to do something, but have limited time...not sure what to do...etc.  the link is to their first post re the teams....subsequent posts with "action" items are also posted. (just go to the home page to see the latest.) 



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All of Your Money Belongs to the State

with everything else going on, i did not even realize this case was being heard......this article expresses my thoughts very i won't bore you with a long rant....

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of the United States heard arguments in an appeal of a 9th Circuit decision,… Continue

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American Border Patrol will be taking down the flags......

for those that have been following this (and even if you were not!)....

BISBEE — The border watch group American Border Patrol is planning to remove and dispose of thousands of U.S. flags that are currently displayed along the U.S.-Mexico border in Cochise County.

The Hereford-based group put 16,000 small flags on the border fence to celebrate July Fourth. Each flag has a tag with a message.

Last week, the federal…


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you are all terrific!!!!!

while other obligations kept me from getting involved in the various congressional races in our state, i do want to give all those that were boots on the ground a standing ovation. win, lose or draw....know that your work and spirit made a difference! do we get those recall petitions

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New Lawsuit Seeks to Stop Illegal Censorship of Maricopa County Voters

i was going to be a poll worker tuesday; however, i refuse to be a part of this. i confirmed with my recruiter that the incident reports will be used to record the names of anyone wearing tea party gear to the polling place. i, at that time, advised him i would not be working the poll that day. i also advised my poll inspector. he is thinking of not working the poll that day also.… Continue

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Democrats May Go to Pot in 2012

here is a great article...a good laugh a day will keep the liberal away........we must keep our positive energy going!

Has it been concluded that the sheer supernatural force of Obama won’t be enough allure to get young people to the polls in 2012? Has the “free health care, world will love us, wars are gonna end and a soft

rain of Hershey bars and Skittles will envelop us forever” high worn



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Obama breaks out the chalkboard

i could not resist sharing this....we all need a good laugh now and then! and i certainly had a very good laugh watching this idiot talk about his red goose eggs and blue circles........

link to article:…


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Reagan 'responds' to Obama and his supporters

most of us do not need this reminder; however, wanted to share this powerful voice from the… Continue

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Immigration Gumballs

this is one of the best arguments regarding our flawed immigration policy i have… Continue

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Public forums kick off in Arizona as election day nears

Public forums kick off in Arizona as election day nears

By Al Ortiz

PHOENIX, Arizona: The election in November is about to turn the corner, and officials in Arizona are preparing those who will flock to the polls. The…


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New evidence undermines feds' case against Arizona

i bet holder is not having a great

i wonder what obama and his admin are going to do when there are 20+ states enforcing immigration laws? arizona is the prime target right now; however, i do not believe they will be… Continue

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NAACP Joins Left-Wing Groups to ‘Monitor’ Tea Party Groups

story and link to this lame left wing site here:

i glanced through the pictures they have gathered as their "evidence" of our extremism......they are really clueless. i did see one swastika....the rest of the pictures were of American patriots enjoying the use of their 1st amendment… Continue

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United Border Coalition Tea Party Rally

check under events for 8-15-10 for details. hope to see everyone there.

fyi....motel 6 in benson has rooms for $40/nite. (internet special rate)

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At Mexico’s behest, eleven countries condemn Arizona law

At the closing of the Assembly of Parliamentary Presidents held in Geneva, eleven countries signed a declaration condemning Arizona’s Law SB1070, which they consider to have a “racist, xenophobic spirit and one contrary to immigration of any type.” The declaration was introduced by Felipe Solis Acero, Vice-President of Mexico’s Parliament, and was signed by delegates from Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Turkey, Senegal, Micronesia and Chile.

Besides lamenting the…


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grijalva protest

is anyone going to this protest in tucson 6-26?

if others are interested, we could meet, then caravan to tucson.........

from what i have found on the tucson tea party site:

date: 6-26-10

time: 9am - 11:30 am

place: 810… Continue

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i attended the rally on sat 6-12. (i also attended the one 5-29 and 6-5)

i want to know where the citizens of arizona were! the folks that

sponsored this rally traveled cross country to show support for arizona.

i was very discouraged and disappointed in the lack of support from

arizona citizens.

maybe that statement is too mild. truth be told i was angry. even if

only half the citizens of the valley cared… Continue

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