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DC Government Out of Control

President Trump Won't Resign & No Removal, so Illegal Impeachment. 
Our U. S. Constitution…

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AZ Time to Fight Back

AZ Time to Fight Back
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We've just been through the 1st Election in our history that is and was Unconstitutional and Evidence to prove the Treason committed by so called Americans upon all of us.…

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Why Did Skinny Healthcare Repeal Really Lose?

America Wake Up While You Still Can!

The GOP and some Dems are now talking about a Compromise on Healthcare and some in GOP will go along with a One Payer Auto Enroll in exchange for lower premiums, this means our Healthcare is now and forever more will be Socialist Medicine and America will Sink Into a Socialist State as Bernie Sanders and others in the Government want. I know many think this can't happen but don't take your Eyes off the Ball and move t…


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GOP Wins Vote on "Skinny Repeal"

America WAKE UP NOW!
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Read and realize that the GOP is Purple not Red and the three voting Against US were simply taking a Political Bullet for other GOP Incumvents. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk…/…/gop-wins-vote-skinny-repeal/

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AZ's US Senate Candidate Forum Video on PBS w/ McCain / Ward / Van Steenwyk

Voters: I hope you'll take the time to view this and share it with your friends and others, we also hope after listening to this and taking a look at my opponents records and see if you don't agree with me that my…

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AZS’ Clair Van Steenwyk 1st to Qualify for August 30th, 2016 GOP Primary Ballot

Clair Van Steenwyk 1st to QUALIFY for ARIZONA’s 2016 U.S. Senate Primary Ballot by turning in Over 10,000 Signatures!

THANK YOU Nomination Petition Circulators and Voters who signed… WE DID IT and ‘did it’ without having to buy a single Petition Signature which shows what can be accomplished by a true GRASSROOTS Campaign. By turning in 10,000 plus signatures (180%)  “WE” exceeded the…


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POLITICIANS Kelli Ward and Diane Douglas STAB Arizona Constitutional Activists in the Back

Having been involved in the Arizona Political process for about a decade now, I witnessed the most dumbfounding display of political betrayal of voters by politicians Diane Douglas and Kelli Ward at the February 6, 2016 Sun City West Republican Club meeting. Not surprising is all in attendance witnessed it as well but were totally oblivious as to what presented itself with the exception of a handful, reminds me of the syndrome people get when they are around star’s?


At the…


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AZ Voters Betrayed by GOP Gov. Ducey & GOP Senators!

Dictator Ducey Wins with Help of RINO Sen. Dial and others more concerned about pleasing him then in Representing the Voters of AZ. First we have to speak with those in the GOP Legislature to stop this as we stopped Dr.…

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AZ Parents won Round 1 on 2/18/16 at the AZ Education Committee Hearing to Protect our children from Data Collection with SB 1389 now going into Conference to make some language changes and then forward. All of us in LD 22s' Legislative Writing Committee have worked on this bill tirelessly for over a year and now we've gotten our hearing thanks to LD 22 Senator Burgess and Committee Chair Allen who was instrumental in getting a positive vote out of Committee. W…


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AZ Voters Misled by Senator Ward’s Political Double Talk

Supt. Douglas never supported SB 1469

Watch this Video 

One of the poorest excuses used by some AZ GOP Senators for Voting for the Amended SB 1469 is, “they pressured us”. I've asked just what type of pressure can be put on a "Part…


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US Senate Race in 2016 / We're In

Response To Our Friends / Supporters on Exploring a Run

For the US Senate Race Against Senator John McCain in 2016

Jean & I have decided to invest the time and some funds in the US Senate race in the 2016 Election cycle, in part to the 100’s of positive responses we’ve received from our initial question to our fellow AZ Citizens. As we informed all of you recently that we received quite a number of inquiries to run in the 2016 race against Senator McCain. With your…


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Ward / Douglas and Senators Betray Voter Trust

HB2184 has been amended in the Senate Education Committee, which had failed as (SB1038) yesterday in the Senate Appropriations committee.  "Kelli Wards' committee voted for this, with the exception of Sen. Smith who understood not handing over power to the unelected board. The Amendment agreed to by Superintendent of Public Instruction, - who was elected by the people of this state  will be required to execute whatever policies (i,e. Common Core) that are agreed to by the non-elected State…


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No Legal Status Bill in the House

I attended a meeting last week at which Rep. Gosar was speaking, we talked after the meeting and he assured me that he and other Reps. had made certain that Speaker Boehner wouldn't bring a Bill up concerning the Senate's Bill on Legal Status as those opposed had made very clear to him what the outcome would be, well the conversation Rep. Gosar and others had with him has born Fruit. God Bless Them for Standing Up for US. Van 

This is what…


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Remove Those Who Violate Our Rights

This message comes from the Chairman of the GOP in Maricopa County, I submit this statement of loyalty extends to those who now hold Federal Offices as well and also shouldn't receive our $upport in 2014 Election Cycle as well beginning with signing their petitions or getting signatures for them, just check out the Votes on Issues such as CISPA, NDAA, SOPA, Continued Funding of the NSA etc., then and only then will we earn back the respect of others in Our State. God Bless You All;…


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Hi All; Finally something said on MSNBC that can be believed by a commentator that hits the ball out of the park, time We all pay attention to this statement by him and realize that We the People Must Remove those in office who've put US in this Position and I do mean All of Them. God Bless You All; Van


You’d call this guy crazy if he weren’t brilliant, concise and 100%…


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Take a look and realize that this has been a long time goal of both party's and we're just suppose to settle for what they believe is best for US. Time to realize they Serve US at Our Pleasure and tell the Congress No Bill, No Amnesty, No Legal Status. We remove burglars when they enter our homes, businesses etc. without permission not adopt them and act like a crime wasn't committed in the name of being understanding as they say you commit a crime then you'll do the time.…


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Check the Facts Not Just the Words & Voting Away Our Constitutional Rights Isn't Constitutional

I've been watching all the statements concerning upcoming elections in the GOP in AZ and now suddenly some are making statements that this person or that one really supports the US Constitution, and uses that to gain support for the Candidate they support. My concern is that now they're starting to use the word Constitution to give them credibility for who they support. I've come to learn that how you really know who does…


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GOP Selling Out America

The GOP is getting ready to SELL OUT AMERICA along with the Democrats to the illegals, then they'll tell US it’s the best they can do with Obama in the White House.   This is just another way of doing what they wanted to do all along.  If you’ve been paying attention to Sen. McCain with his Dream Act Bill and then Congressman Flake - soon to be the next Senator from AZ - who put up the Strive Act (which is also Amnesty), then get ready for Schumer, Graham and others such as Rubio,…


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Our Future Is In Front of All of US If We Refuse to Act/Vote

This is US, if we sit back and don't fight back Now. I've been campaigning now for almost 1 year and still hear people say what difference can One Person Make, my response is this in the Beginning there were only 56 who signed the Declaration of Independence and I know that we have more support than that, so please pass this along while we all still have the Freedom to do so as this is already happening to US and by those we've all voted for on both sides of…


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New Dream Act Amnesty by Obama & Kyl/Rubio

Well we all know that Obama wants votes and support and will buy them at the price of Our Nations Expense.  Now we also have two so called Republican Senators Kyl and Rubio proposing a plan for almost the same thing, they want a legal status given and after 10 years if they all meet a certain criteria they can become citizens. 

I suppose for some in the Republican Party such as McCain and Flake and others this is in fact is a Dream come true for them, as now…


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