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Navy Access to Fox News Blocked

Navy members are being blocked in some cases from accessing Fox News site.

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Better Pay Attention To Obamacare Tea Partiers!!!

They are taking advantage of a perceived lull in Tea Party activity as indication they are green lighted to pass the monster. We went to a protest Saturday in Scottsdale and turnout was a fraction of what it has been in the past.

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Obama Logo? Islam Logo? No, Its the DOD's New Space Logo

Go to drudge report for the link and pics on their front page

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Glenn Beck at CPAC

Beck gives the keynote

Love the light he sheds on the intent of the Statue of Liberty inscription and the contrast the French were making between it and the Colossus of Rhoades.

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Marco Rubio CPAC Speech

Rubio makes some good points:

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"Get your feet off our desk!"--The American People.

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So Much for Channel 3's Claim That Palin's Popularity is Sinking

Sarah tops the applause and is mobbed at Daytona 500 meeting:,0,596430.story

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Nashville Tea Party Convention Loses Bachmann

Because the fellow Phillips is runnin it as a "for-profit" and wants to make money off the deal, the National Tea Party Convention is losing support and credibility:

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