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Why not recall this guy?

He is not part of the solution and never has been.  Let's get a recall effort going!

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Where Are the Clinton Voters?


I’m told by many sources that this is a close presidential race.  The polls show it and the talking heads and writers of the Establishment Journalistic Departments dutifully report the same.


My eyes and ears are telling a different story.


Nowhere do I see Hillary Clinton bumper stickers or yard signs in anywhere near the number of Trump stickers and signs.  I recently spent some time in the Blue city of St. Louis without seeing…


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Senator Flake A Good Example of Why the GOP Must Go


Ex-lobbyist Jeff Flake is at it again, bolstering Democrat and GOP Establishment chances.  How?  He won't support Trump.  That is tantamount to endorsing Clinton.  Of course, he says he wouldn’t vote for her…but then, he has to say that.  He also has to be from another planet if he doesn’t know…


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GOP Establishment Foils Republican Voters

Think former RNC chairman, Haley Barbour is a "Republican"?  Think again.  Using tactics that any good Democrat would use, Barbour got out the Democrat vote to defeat Republicans.  Defeat "Republicans"?  Certainly.  Mississippi is a very red state.  Chad Cochran, the incumbent RINO senator from that state, was losing, so for the primary runoff election against conservative Chris McDaniels held yesterday, Barbour drummed in hordes of Democrat voters to swing the election in…


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RINOs Run Interference For Democrats



Here’s an interesting piece from The Hill: Note that Bush is described as a “potential nominee” by his party. Ladies and gentlemen, is that our party?

Those familiar with my writing know that in the past I’ve proposed a party to replace the Republican Party. That a man considered by that party as a…


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What If A Third Party Wasn't A "Third Party"?

I’ve often called for the formation of a party to replace the GOP for reasons discussed many times, so for purposes of this discussion, I’ll omit them for the most part.

We’ve found ourselves, as conservatives, to be without a party, for all practical purposes. As I write, it’s getting worse. There’s a growing impatience and a growing sense among us that the GOP will not ever get us out of this mess. We’re looking for solutions and it's clear that the GOP leadership is not looking for…


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