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I guess McCain doesn't like constituents who ask him to represent our state instead of himself. He no longer sends Christmas cards to my home or requests for donations to my inbox.

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Arizona Senate President changes the rules in attempt to stifle the Article V (Convention of the States) movment

Convention of States Action

The Founders designed our republic as a small central government, governed by the states through the will of the people. They didn’t see a party distinction. They saw Americans. Today, we see a unity of…


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Anti-illegal immigration website enables you to send free faxes to your representatives

The article linked below about anti-illegal immigration activists' plans to "raid" congressional townhall meetings mentioned a group that has over 2 million members. Instead of only 2 million, I would like to see articles like this have to admit that there are 200 million or more Americans signed up against illegal immigration. I signed up for free and sent a series of faxes to my congresswoman and two senators. Here is the original…


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TEA Party has saved U.S. half a trillion in new debt since 2010

I remember when half a trillion was a lot of money.

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I have some information on why the efforts to recall McCain and Flake aren't getting anywhere

I received this auto-reply when I inquired about the recall efforts at
Thank you for your interest…

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