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Central Planning And The End Of Liberty

Posted: 2013-11-22

By Harry Mathews Contributing writer to EVNN 11-22-13

Central Planning And The End Of Liberty

The Regional Planning Association has a plan called America 2050. That plan calls for 70% of Americans to be living in 11 megaregions in the United States by 2050. This central plan is extra governmental. It derives from outside our representative form of government and then “piped” into our communities through education, peer pressure and staged community…


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On Tuesday night July 6, 2010 the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board voted down a proposed $400,000 increase to the Adjacent Ways budget. They decided to lead the way in fiscal responsibility for East Valley school governing boards. They listened to reason-all except for the President of the school board Thad Stump who proclaimed, “We are not taxed enough!”

Many thanks to The Education Action Committee members who turned out to make the case for fiscal responsibility:



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Join the Education Action Committee

Join the Education Action Committee where we take back our country by taking back our schools:

Promotng fiscal conservatism in public education

Promoting conservatives who run for school boards

Educating the public about education

Fighting waste fraud and abuse in all levels of education

Fighting to keep property taxes low


~For Liberty~

Harry Mathews -…


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The Cavalry

The Alliance Defense Fund is actively fighting for our first ammendment rights in courts all across this country. Giving them our financial support will do a lot to help take back our country from the Marxists/Atheists/Anarchists that want to destroy the country that gives them the greatest freedoms allowed anyone on the planet.

ADF:More than 800 attorneys nationwide ready to combat attempts to censor… Continue

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ASU Professor Quan Indoctrinates a new generation of Marxists

Welcome to the ASU School of Marxism A.K.A. The School of Social Transformation:

Required reading:

... texts by Cedric Robinson, a proponent of “black Marxism,” Howard Zinn a well known Marxist, Grace and James Lee Boggs, also Marxists, and Ruth Wilson Gilmore, an activist in Angela Davis’s movement to abolish the “prison-industrial complex” which regards all minority felons in America as “political prisoners.” The text required by… Continue

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ASU President Crow Persecutes Christians

ASU has a long history of persecuting Christians in particular and conservatives in general. The strong Leftist leanings of the ASU administration and faculty are legendary.

Arizona State University Students for Life vs. Crow.

The campus chapter of Students for Life wanted to put up a display demonstrating the harm of abortion. The school administration tried to force the chapter to pay a number of fees and obtain liability insurance that no other group had ever… Continue

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School of Hate - Grand Opening October 7, 2009

On October 7, 2009 ASU officially launches the School of Social Transformation

This REEDUCATION CAMPUS programs students to:

HATE: Christians, Whites, Men, America, Freedom of Speech, Capitalism, The US Constitution, Corporations, Heterosexuality, Common Sense, Morality, and much, much, more. Joseph Stalin would have been proud to see this Soviet style indoctrination taking hold in America. So much has been made of a video where small children are taught to sing praises… Continue

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The School of Social Transformation - October 7 - The official launch - Protest anyone?

No wonder Obama wanted to speak at the ASU commencement. ASU has and entire college devoted to anti-American, sexist, racist bigotry based on critical social theory. Wouldn't it be great to protest this "historic" event?!

They should just call it the School of Social Hatred or how about the School of Marxist Indoctrination? The fact that our tax money is going to fund this attocity makes me want to part with my most recent meal.

This is the invitation on the ASU… Continue

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PC: The Death of Civilization

The following historical videos describe how a group of Marxist philosophers got together to invent “Political Correctness (PC)“ as the natural offspring of something they called “Critical Theory“. Their goal was, and is, to turn society on it’s head in order to bring about civil unrest followed by utopia. The problem with this approach is that Marxism in all it’s various forms has historically lead to dystopia and mass murder. That does not discourage the devout Marxist. What’s a few hundred… Continue

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Call to action - Nationwide School Boycott

On September 8, 2009 Barack Obama intends to speak to America's children directly without their parents being present. This a REQUIREMENT for every public school child in America. He wants them to ask themselves what they can do to help HIM.

This level of arrogance is unparalleled in American history. This brings to mind many things: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Megalomania, Cult of Personality, Young Pioneers and Hitler Youth to name a few.

In a recent opinion piece… Continue

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T.E.A. Party For POTUS 8-17-09

I went to the POTUS PARTY in Phoenix today and what an event! There was a good turnout by the Nobama AND Probama people. The "annointed one" was wise not to teleprompt on Sunday as he had originally planned. It would have been a completely one sided event as the Nobama people would have been there by the thousands. Of course, on a Monday morning, most tax payers are at work and yet it was still an impressive showing. I engaged a lot of people in one on one debates and was interviewed… Continue

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