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Planning for the 4th of July...

The 4th of July is right around the corner and we need to start planning on who we can arrange as speakers for an awesome event!

I'm pretty sure I can get Patrick Henry.

I think we also need to include microphone time for the audience to sound off as well.

We got the lawn reserved earlier in the day so it shouldn't be too hot yet!

Any suggestions would be…

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Answer: Because he saw the consequences of these actions by governments

throughout history. Given certain behavior, history is predictably capable

of repeating itself. We are well on…


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Now they try the fast track again!!!

As the emailer Paul Rever has warned us, the countdown to a house vote is in only 1 week for a vote on the (not read) 1990 page healthcare bill with the public option attached.

These "representatives" still don't understand they work for us!

Now is the time for swift action!!

Email your representatives, call them, and email everyone you know to do the same.

Their arrogance must be stopped for the sake of our great… Continue

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