Beware the Platitude! It's proudly running rampant throughout the political spectrum. It's seductively beautiful, but completely vapid. Like a wonderfully wrapped Christmas present that is sadly empty when you open it. Go ahead and shake the box first. It's okay to be a discriminating voter.

Platitudes! Would you take your jalopy to a mechanic who promised they'd make it run like a Ferrari w/out any specificity as to how they would do this? Or, more importantly how much it would cost? Ahhhhh, the Utopian auto repair shop. Does it sound good for a politician to just say they're going to stop the funding of illegal immigration? Perhaps there should be a little more of an explanation because I don't want to assume anything. You know what they say about assume...I won't assume you do. It makes an "ass" out of "u" and "me". I'm a Republican. 'nuff said.

As a candidate for the state Senate in LD-23, I beg you to call me on it, if I become infected with this platitude epidemic. Ronald Reagan was once asked a hypothetical question regarding what he might say as an instructor to a slow learning student named Jimmy Carter turning in his mid-term paper. His answer..."long on style, short on substance."

Question me, question all candidates on the things they/we say. Otherwise go ahead and ask the annointed ruler to please lower the seas already, so none of us will ever have to be taught how to fish.

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