Arizona Senate Race: GOP EARMARKS Kyl's seat for Flake.

Politics as usual, or do we want change? 

   Are there two sets of rules for Republicans that are running for office in Arizona: ‘one set’ for those already holding an office, and ‘another set’ for those who currently don’t hold an office? Either way all Republican Candidates have to meet the same criteria as their opponents to be place on the primary ballot; incumbent or office holder or not. There just may be a ‘third set’ of rules for the GOP CLIMBERS, the ‘I want to be part of the insider club.’


   Sitting U.S. House Representative Jeff Flake who is running for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by John Kyl, has been invited to speak at several LD meetings where I have heard that other candidates (non office holders) running for Kyl’s seat were told that they would have to wait until after the first of the year before they could expect to speak at a LD9 meeting. In fact that is the rule, only incumbents can speak. And after the first of the year when Republican challengers ARE ALLOWED TO SPEAK it’s almost always limited to 5 minutes where the incumbent typically gets 30.   


   A rule or not, could this be why voters are leaving the Republican Party in droves, perhaps this has something to do with the declining credibility of the Republican Party. Rules that exclude new comers to protect the good old-boys …… isn’t this why we are living this nightmare of Republicrats, the incumbent who is good or bad, is always given the advantage?    It’s not what you stand for but who you stand with!     


   This fits well with saying that the GOP has “EARMARKED” Kyl’s seat for Flake, that Wil Cardon is nothing more than a strawman for Flake. Watch the FEC contribution reports to see who the GOP donors to Flake and Cardon in equal amounts are, but don’t expect to see it until the second quarter filing next July. Watch and see who Cardon and company donate to.  


   Back in June, Cardon gave Schweikert the max contribution for his primary and general election $2500/$2500. Look at the links in this paragraph and ask yourself: did Cardon gave the max because he agrees with and supports Schweikert’s record and position on issues, like The Patriot Act,  or how he flip flop’s? Or is he just pandering under the guidance of CQ? Who is Constantin Querard, can you say Pearce/Cortez plant, and signs. And what’s this, CQ has been working with Cardon for months now, and Michael Leavitt, I got copies of emails that show the same thing. SAY CARDON STRAWMAN.


   What’s as interesting as Republican’s, let alone so called Tea Party people giving New World Order Newt Gingrich a kitchen pass, is how can one be a GOP Legislative District Chair/President of a Tea Party, be married to a State Representative and not have any biases one way or the other? How can someone have Tea Party principals and share their values yet play the GOP game, or do I have that backyards…… does it make any difference?


   A little bit ago robo-call Ludders of the Arizona 2012 Project Tea Party had Cardon set to speak until Steenwyk (Van the Radio Man) showed up – can’t let one U.S. Senate candidate speak and not the other. Cardon eyes, wide open bolted from the meeting, out the back door, Van meet him at the exit and had a little chat with him. So EXCLUSION just doesn’t happen at the GOP Legislative District meeting level, it happens at GOP Tea Party Groups as well. You want a good read on the subject CD 6 candidate Jeff Smith muzzled in LD 22.


   Just November 13, I received an official GOP Legislative District email announcing two events for “conservative Republican Wil Cardon” CAMPAIGN KICK OFF for the US Senate. Both events were on Tuesday the 15th, one at the GOP Maricopa County Republican Committee’s office and the other at Cardon’s Phoenix Campaign headquarters.


   You can go to the MCRC (Maricopa County Republican Committee) site and see Cardon events listed up. While you are there be sure to click on the menu button Calendar of Events and visit all the T.E.A. Party’s!


 Nikki Haley “South Carolina was settling for a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a Republican governor. I won’t stop until we get a conservative House, a conservative Senate and a conservative Governor.”

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Comment by Mark Pentecost on December 5, 2011 at 3:55am

What you've said above ... "How can someone have Tea Party principals and share their values yet, play the GOP game, or do I have that backwards…… does it make any difference?

You're 100% correct in your observation - I Know - it's my group - Northwest Valley Tea Party Patriots

"My" group has been ruled by Rick and Lisa Gray for over 1 year now.  Since my dad and I attend regularly, I want to share a few of our experiences. (Other notable members of this group are Debbie Lesko and Jean McGrath, both GOP honchos, and several other GOP committie support members)  "My" (Sun City) chapter of the GPTPP has about 120 members, is 90+% Republicans, and the majority are 65+ age wise. 

The point is "My" group HAS BEEN subverted by the GOP - and, in "My" opinion, DOES NOT put TEA Party principles ahead of the GOP agenda.  I've made it known to "My" group that I am an "Independant" Voter - supporter of RON PAUL - supporter of Medical Marijuana - and will do everything I can to "Un-Seat" (R)Sen. John McCain, (R) State Rep. Carl Seel, (R) US Rep. Jeff Flake, (R) Sen, John Kyl, and "bag of puss" Sheriff Clarence Dupnik - consequently, I am GOP toxic to "My" own group (maybe even to you too?).

Sadly, Rick and Lisa and many of the other "GOP Club Members" spend alot of hot air on badmouthing folks like me - Instead Of Focusing On Our Combined BIGGER PROBLEMS like saving our country from Obama and every other petty tyrant that he's hired to quickly and relentlessly choke the life out America.  So ... 

Why hasn't there been any TEA Party effort to take a damned stand, or publish a public statement forcefully condemming RIGGED VOTING MACHINES, or UN AGENDA 21, or the unbelievable UNCONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND LIBERTY DESTROYING "NEW" POWERS OF THE POLICE STATE/ DHS/ TSA/ FEMA/ BATFE/ FDA or US Dept.Of Education - BY ANY TEA PARTY ... IN AZ, OR OUT? 

I Thought These "Other" Issues Were What Every TEA Party Was ALSO Supposed To Be Focused On And Trying To Do Something About!   Sadly not happening in "My" group, but hopefully IS in others.

I also notice that the news media never mention the TEA Party without adding some (preapproved)GOP "Spin Lines" to help steal the TEA Parties reputation - and weaken our collective TP efforts. 

As long as THE (GOP) TEA PARTY continues to ignore and insult the multitude of of "other" possible support parties/groups like Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Gun Rights Org.s, Native Americans, college kids, AND INDEPENDANTS - that WE need to make peace with, and invite to join us ... and as long as the dialogue is permanently toned down, PC speech is strictly adheared to, and ALL topics of discussion cannot be persued - then I see the GOP as being primarily responsible for our demise!

Comment by JPD on November 23, 2011 at 8:34am

Surprised that Flake on Monday night stated that the muslim cult was a peaceful belief system: no just another attempt to deflect while attempting to legitimize the bastardization of the Holy Bible by the mormon belief system.  

Comment by JPD on November 17, 2011 at 8:07pm

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