AZ Corrupted Redistricting Committee

I wrote the following message to Gov. Brewer and passed it on to my email list. We need everyone to do the same. Only Gov. Brewer can fix this problem. Send this email to your state reps too. They probably don't know it is happening.

Dear, Gov. Brewer:

Our redistricting committee is corrupted with liars and thieves that are committed to twist the voting of our state toward the goals of the Marxist/progressives.
Colleen Mathis, claiming to be Independent, has lied on her application about her husband being affiliated with a Democratic campaign in 2010. She actually lied on 3 questions. Mathis was the 3rd vote in a split decision to elect Strategic Telemetry to work for the redistricting of AZ.
Strategic Telemetry is not exactly a mapping agency but they are more political campaign advisery using district mapping to influence elections for their clients. A few of their clients...Obama 2008 Campaign, Senator John Kerry (D) Mass., Jerry Brown (D) California. Strategic Telemetry was instrumental in changing Colorado with a 40 year history of being a red state into a blue state.

Ken Strasma, the president of Strategic Telemetry has been credited in many News articles as the one person that saved many Democratic elections by using "micro-targeting" to win the challenging voting districts for Democratic campaigns. Strategic Telemetry is proud of these articles and they post links to them on their website. They are out in the open with winning elections for Democrats, but not one story about winning for Republicans.

Ken Strasma is involved in the recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on a "personal" level. Quoted from Milwaukee Journal Sentinal: "Strasma works for Democratic and progressive clients (he said he did this survey and analysis on his own, not for a client)."

They are a Democratic "tool" for Democrats, they brag about it on the internet, and all under Ken Strasma's direct leadership.

Under the Arizona State Constitution Article 4, Part 2, Section 10, the Governor along with 2/3 majority of the Senate has the authority to remove the chair, Colleen Mathis.

I beg of you to investigate this matter and do what you can to repair it before Colleen Mathis and Ken Strasma turn our state into a second California and another win for the Democrats.

You are welcome to copy and use it how ever you can to help our state.


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