There are currently two vacancies on the AZ Superior Court.  The following are the candidates being considered.  If you have any knowledge of any of them, please make comments below.

Bradley H. Astrowsky,

Chris R.Baniszewski,

Michael L. Barth,

Justin Beresky,

Harold F. Brenneman, Jr.,

Theodore, Campagnolo,

Caron L. Close,

Suzanne E. Cohen,

David O. Cunanan,

John E. Drazkowski,

Mark W. Hawkins,

Pamela D. Hearn Svoboda,

Michael D. Hinze,

Steven K. Holding,

Yancy A. Jencsok,

Ronee F. Korbin Steiner,

Todd F. Lang,

Steven P. Lynch,

Norma B. Martens,

Mina E. Mendez,

Bert E. Moll,

Bernard C. Owens,

Carolyn K. Passamonte,

Wesley E. Peterson, 

William E. Ponath,

Margaret A. Robertson,

Maria Salapska,

Louis T. Seletos,

Joan M. Sinclair, 

Shellie Smith,

S. Lee White,  

Gerald A. Williams.

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Comment by James Mapes on January 7, 2012 at 10:21pm

Maricopa Superior?
AZ Appeals?
AZ Supreme?

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