AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham, Federal Election Tampering and/or Primary Election endorsement of Trent Franks – you be the judge?

Back to the subject at hand AZGOP Chair Graham, I thought your excommunication of Clair Van Steenwyk (Van) from the Republican Party had to do with Van and his Campaign Manager (Ron) TAMPERING (defacing) a Trent Franks campaign sign? How did it get framed (pun intended) as ‘Van dominating volunteers’? That is the key question along with why you didn’t go with your first determination to justify the action, or, you change the reason, why not the action?


Let’s rephrase the MCRC Brief question 1 to: Is Graham with the assistance of other progressives “jumping the gun” with a little semi caucus primary action? “Resolution Urging the Institution of Caucuses to Nominate Candidates for General Elections. This resolution urges each county party and district organization to adopt resolutions supporting a caucus process for selecting Republican nominees for general elections.” Note grahamgop in the address    

IN OTHER WORDS THEY, THE PARTY LEADERSHIP WANT TO SELECT WHO "We The People" HAVE AS A CHOICE IN THE GENERAL ELECTION – just like it seems here with Graham’s action against Clair Van Steenwyk. 


Here this will help convince you of THEIR plans for your participation in elections. These are strike everything bills, WHAT”S THAT: dead bills past the time new bills can be introduced that are used to ‘strike everything’ and insert under cover of a bill name that doesn’t match the new content – you know kind of like the ACA switch the U.S. Senate did


VOTE FOR Clair Van Steenwyk 

United States Representative 

Arizona Congressional District 8


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