I just read this article from Whiskey And Gunpowder (which I subscribe to).

This could be (and probably is), just another baseless media slandering with aims of discrediting the entire movement.
Regardless of where the truth is in this allegation, I think it brings up a VERY good point in general.

We as Tea Party members, need to not just place our focus on the Government reform that we aim to achieve. We also need to focus on each other and ourselves. There is no quicker way to kill off our entire purpose than for the general public to decide that we are racially-motivated simply because we have the first black president in the history of the USA.

Of course we have no racial motivations. We are color-blind in our beliefs. But our practice needs to show that we are not only color-blind as believers, but also as enforcers.

Organizers of rallies/protests/etc need to pay close attention to the behavior of those attending. Especially when the likes of the media are lurking around trying to find any reason to smear us.
We are open to all freedom-loving peoples of this great country. However, it should be a priority of ours to not allow some loudmouth to spout off something stupid simply to gain some shock-value from those aimed at.

We do NOT alienate.

We educate.

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Comment by Nancy Spencer on March 29, 2010 at 3:23pm
They have just begun the outpour of discreditation we will be recieving. When they accuse us of violence you know it's over and the CC troops will be on us with false justifications for their false accusations. Tread lightly on fire nothing brings on rage to progressives (that believe they are above losing their cool)than us low lifes to not believe them. Listen, all they want to do is to use their self-actualization to help you reach your full potential and they are bent on doing this against your will believing sincerely you will like it once you experience it. These people are very dangerous to our well being but are reving up their own mantra of unfairness if you critisize ,call names, or make them feel uncomfortable in anyway. They have several reframed phrases that traditionally meant freedom for all to just include those who are in judgement(power)like I have the right to feel secure in this country, your endangering my well being and on and on. the thing they hate worst of all is losing their temper because it reminds them of the beast in them that they spent years to rise above. They hate to think they are just like the rest of us, the ones they want to transform. They are not God fearing people, they are the superior being that beleive man can be perfected if given the chance to fulfil their potential, in fact their religion is new age cosmology(they are part of an organic whole(no individual parts) and have the power within to perfect themselves. What can you say about that?? I can't say their playing God, the anti-christ or any of the terms that mean the opposite of my own beliefs . I feel strapped and like we've been had, there does not seem to be a way out of the trap I feel we've found ourselves in, no matter what defense I think of you want peace but there is no peace. Patrick Henry found himself in the same predicament, not from socialism but the British See and hear him tonight at Greekfest
Comment by Paul Fetters on March 26, 2010 at 4:05pm
Good point MJ.
Perhaps a better word than "enforcers" could be used when speaking of others and their freedoms. But I believe that "enforcer" is a very appropriate term when one is speaking of themself.

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