AZGOP’s star Constantin Querard

Take a look at Darin Mitchell’s and Steve Montenegro’s campaign sign.

Compare the “m” and the other “m” and the “&” symbol between the m’s

to the m&m brand on the bag of candy.

If you were a juror to a copy right infringement trial i.e.

Mars incorporated –vs- Montenegro/Mitchell:

Do you think there is enough similarity to decide on behalf of Mars Inc.?

Do you think MARS Inc. wants a trade mark of theirs associated with the negatives of Darin Mitchell in a typical middle class Legislative District days before Halloween, days before the election? Where there may well be major controversy closer to election day (Halloween) as the courts have been back and forth on the issue, and the AZGOP is playing games with the intent to quite possibly defraud the voters.

Defraud VOTERS: come on, no way, get real.

If Darin Mitchell is taken off the ballot, he must repay Clean Elections money in the sum of around $20,000.00 which he doesn’t have. The courts keeping him on the ballot due to a technicality as to how he was “served papers” relieves him of repaying public campaign money for now and quite possibility not having to re-pay at all..

The ballots are now printed with Mitchell’s name on them so it now doesn’t matter how the courts decide, (which will be, he is disqualified). With Mitchell’s name on the ballot, and if he wins by the count of votes, the State House will not seat him opting to choose for themselves by BY-PASSING THE VOTERS. They have already selected one of their own which appears to be LD13 Chair Dr. Bob Branch.

So who is behind this, could it be AZGOP aka (State of Maricopa as the other counties feel) slime-bag Constantin Querard, the same who was accused of selling Sheriff Joe endorsements in prior elections?  Kooks win again: Mitchell revived by a legal quirk by Laurie Roberts, columnist – Sept. 18, 2012 08:28 PM The Republic |

Could someone ask Mr. Constantin Querard, AZ ‘conservative’ political strategist for many AZ GOP candidates:

What did he actually lobby Gov. Brewer ‘for’, when he was hired as a lobbyist for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arizona? He was invited to participate in a highly publicized ‘healthcare exchange’ debate hosted by American’s For Prosperity and held at the Goldwater Institute, but didn’t participate.

Governor Brewer could’ve declined the healthcare mandate for AZ just as other state Governor’s across our country are doing. Instead, she accepted the exchange money around the same time Mr. Querard was lobbying for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of AZ. Obamacare is THE main vehicle turning our country toward not only ‘socialized medicine’ but a socialist nation! Why would a ‘conservative’ lobby for an insurance provider (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) which was clearly seeking to profit via AZ taxpayers, from implementation of the Obamacare state mandate? Why would a ‘conservative GOP’ Governor NOT decline these mandated healthcare exchanges?

SCA Investigation: AZGOP’s Brett Mecum tells candidate, “Pay Consta...

So if Darin Mitchell doesn’t have to repay (of all things) the ”CLEAN ELECTION” money, Querard as Mitchell’s campaign manager wouldn’t have to return the money his client paid him.

How many people think AZGOP’s star Constantin Querard knew Brian Mitchell was living in a vacant house, with one mattress on the floor and one bath towel? How about Mitchell’s m&m running mate Montenegro?

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Comment by JPD on October 11, 2012 at 7:04am

Don’t Buy Into the “Some Little Change” Myth


Comment by Moxie on October 10, 2012 at 11:53pm

Actually there is not case for infringement on this JPD...and this is due to one minor detail missing in the campaign logo. The candy we all love touts the candy logo M & M's whereas the campaign sign uses only the intials of two political candidates, M & M. Believe me you if this were an issue the appropriate attorneys would have already been on top of this.

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