Posted: 2013-11-22

By Harry Mathews Contributing writer to EVNN 11-22-13

Central Planning And The End Of Liberty

The Regional Planning Association has a plan called America 2050. That plan calls for 70% of Americans to be living in 11 megaregions in the United States by 2050. This central plan is extra governmental. It derives from outside our representative form of government and then “piped” into our communities through education, peer pressure and staged community meetings using the Delphi Technique.

Those megaregions will comprise about 3% of the land mass of the United States. Why will we be living within such a small area? Because the central plan calls for taxes to be funneled into this central plan. These megaregions are based on theories of sustainable development, smart growth, smart grids, smart appliances, mass transit, trolley cars (most often referred to as light rail but they are still trolley cars) etc..

There is a central plan for relocating people from the countryside into megaregions called ”rewilding”. In this scheme, tax money is used to buy up land for open space. In other words, the government uses our tax money to buy our land from us so that more and more land is in the hands of the government.

Another technique being used to nudge people into megaregions is introducing large carnivores like the Mexican gray wolf into the countryside thereby driving people out of the countryside into megaregions.

You’ll be happy to know that you will probably not have to move right away because we are already located in the Sun Corridor megaregion one of the four megaregions located in the west.

There is also a central plan for education called Common Core. Children are entering psycho therapy at an alarming rate because, according to therapists, of the child abuse system known as Common Core.

There is a central plan, a great leap forward, if you will, for health care called the Affordable Care Act. Do you see a pattern here? I recently had dinner with a gentleman who owns a health insurance company in Oregon. He has assured me that in January 2015 EVERYONE will lose their health care plan. 100% of Americans will be forced into government mandated plans that will be serviced by their healthcare provider. In other words, you will still have a healthcare provider but they will only exist to service the national healthcare plan. We were also told this at our recent LD12 precinct committeeman meeting by Barbara Graham of the American Business Benefit Association.

There is a central plan for homeownership. The federal government has bought up almost every residential mortgage in the country.  I recently got a letter from the federal government that told me that the federal government bought my mortgage. I will send my payment to a mortgage servicing company but the mortgage is still owned by the federal government.

There is only one problem with all these central plans. We the people don’t want to be herded like cattle, stacked and packed into high density low cost government housing. And mostly we don’t want unelected unheard of self-appointed elites planning our lives for us. And, what’s worse, economist tell us that central planning, no matter how well intentioned, always fails because no matter how smart central planners are they lack the nearly infinite amount of mundane knowledge held by individuals within the society.

City North in Scottsdale is a development based on sustainable theories. Five years after it opened over half of the property still sits empty because, I suspect, that most people don’t want to live their lives that way.

We have a central plan for building codes. You remember, that stack of books the Gilbert Town Council just passed into law.

I recently got a publication from my alma matter with a beautiful utopian vision displayed on the cover with the title “Global Citizen Project”. There you have it. We are citizens of the world now and therefore we have a central plan for world citizenship.

School Boards and town councils will still exist in order to give us the false impression that we are still in control of our own lives but they will be expected to rubber stamp everything passed down to them by the central planners. Elected officials will be pressured into going along to get along. If you don’t, the media will make an example of you because, it would seem, that the media wants to go along to get along too.

This week the US Senate passed the “nuclear” option which takes us one step closer to dictatorship. I find it an interesting coincidence that this week the president of Venezuela was given decree powers. How far behind them are we? How many executive orders has the president issued? How many power plants has the EPA shut down? How many ranchers have been driven off their land by wolf packs? How many more children are now in psycho therapy because of Common Core? How many homes have been stolen by the government and their mortgage servicing companies? How many lives have already been disrupted by Obamacare? How many people have dropped out of the workforce because they have simply given up?


Are we not being ruled by decree already?


There is a way to stop this runaway communitarian cancer. All that is needed is for our elected officials to do what we hired them to do and represent us and not rubberstamp the central plans.

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