Here we go again--more scandal.  Why didn't some of this reach the public years ago?  It's only been in recent years that so much has become public knowledge.  Is it merely because the public has been so accustomed to the Hollywood scandals involving the stars and those in the public eye?  It seems they have set a precedent for all and, when we should have condemned these actions, we imitated them.  The public so enjoys these juicy tidbits, more so if they are sexual in nature.  In the past the political arena was not a concern.  But now, even our political campaigns no longer focus on the candidate's past history or record but only on what they can uncover in the way of sexual harassment or affairs they may have engaged in and elaborate on and embellish them.  But if none are found they invent them so the candidate is forced to concentrate on defending themselves rather than debating or stating their qualifications.  We were so enthralled with Hollywood gossip that the politicians used this to their advantage by perception management and psychological manipulation.

When so much came to light about Obama, the focus shifted to the political scene and people began to wake up.  Most had no knowledge or the many conspiracies--the Kennedy assassination, 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, et. al. until recently.   We soon found there was more there to appeal to our craving for scandal than even Hollywood could provide.  The corruption that was uncovered seemed unbelievable and everyone joined in the investigation.  All but the news media who never hesitated to provide us with the latest Hollywood gossip.  They remained silent so we realized even they could not be trusted.  If it hadn't been for Obama and his baggage, all would have gone on as usual with Hollywood still taking center stage.  So, when he spoke of "change," he wasn't kidding!!  The entire nation changed direction and became aware of what we had long ignored--political corruption.

Now, I found the latest scandalous news on Brass Check.  We seem to be discovering more and more each day and none of it is good news.  There is a long article below the short video  on inside trading.  But I'm not going to dwell on this as it should have been addressed long ago.  Now, if they were selling to hedge funds and inside traders that is a different matter.  But when they are privy to some of this information, how can they help but take advantage of it?  Just as an analogy, say a doctor is warned in a directive from the AMA that an epidemic is about to break out in his city.  Should he ignore this and not move his family to safety?   Even a lawyer would be aware of certain information that would be to his benefit.  So, IMO, most of the information in this video and the article are just grist for the mill or, more succinctly, fodder for the Sheeple.  Our attention should not be drawn away from the main issue and we should not be distracted.

Congress trading stocks on inside information
CBS 60 Minutes

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