Corrupt government and illegal immigration

I've joined this group in an attempt to find open minded citizens that realize we are in trouble. I've belonged to four other groups and watched them first grow then fail and disappear. American Citizens United (USA) is a perfect example. The group grew quickly then fell into disarray. In the six years of its existence USA accomplished not a single thing. Yet it was filled with talented, bright and forward thinking members. Two other groups went the same way. Now the Tea partiers and 9-12 groups have formed. As I attend those meetings I see the exact same problems occurring: leadership that will not include the membership. Several weeks ago the "leader" of a local group "waved down" an elderly gentleman that was upset with illegals. I was astonished by such rude behavior. During the lunch breaks the group members were united in the commonality of their fears regarding illegal immigration. Yet our leader waved away our concerns so he could talk about what interested him: taxes. Six months have passed and that topic is still the only one he talks about. And not a single thing of relevance has been accomplished. When I speak up I too receive the "Off topic wave." However, whenever I do speak up it is the membership that commends me and asks me to speak out again. Taxes are not the problem. Corruption within our government is.


These groups are powerful but you all are failing to recognize that. You are also failing to understand how to effectively utilize that power to save this country. The illegals are not making this mistake.


Several years ago I saw a Spanish radio station conducting voter registration drives at a Food City in Phoenix. I recognized what was happening. There was no regard for citizenship in these drives. Why? Because they know we will abide by election results. Therefore these people are free to vote their racism into power. They do not vote for a Smith or Jones or McAllister. They vote only Spanish surnames like Grijalva, Garcia, etc. And none of us say a thing. When have any of you seen a single case of voter fraud being prosecuted against an illegal? Never.


Have any of you attended meetings of illegals? I have. Their hatred, bigotry and racism is unparalleled. Yet it's never discussed. We talk only of the plight brought to us by groups like the KKK or Skinheads. In LA latino groups have actively engaged in racial cleansing of neighborhoods targeting African-Americans. Have you seen these reports on the radio or TV news? Nope. We only complain about taxes and the school board.


When these people are allowed to vote (and they will. remember Napolitano was a supporter of motor-voter and advocated for them being given driver's licenses) what do you think is going to happen to your country? Need the answer to be spelled out for you? Simple. MEXICO. We as a people have failed to look at the culture and adequately define it in terms we all can understand.


The United States is only 30 or so years older than Mexico yet look at what we've done with this country and what they've done with theirs. They will do the same to us. Not because we are biologically superior to them but because they have a different culture. The "drug lords" in Mexico are not Russian, Chinese, African, Italian, Irish, etc. They are Mexican. But the local news REFUSES to call them "citizens of Mexico dealing in drugs and poisoning our children." They are "drug lords" not Mexicans. But we always say the Russians did this or that. The Japanese did this in the war. The Irish bombed this pub or that one. Remember, the Mexican economy is supported by the drug trade. Poisoning us is an economic machine. When a drug dealer is gunned down, the local community writes and sings folk songs honoring this piece of filth. What is the hallmark of every culture that has existed throughout history? Trade routes. There are estimates that as many as 50 million (it appears that the government is intentionally underestimating this number... who knows why) illegals are in this country. Do any of you think the drug lords are not actively supporting illegal immigration into this country? Do any of you think they are not establishing trade routes throughout this country and Canada? But you don't hear that on the news do you.


Obviously I could go on. My point is that we are losing our country. These people are going to vote and soon. Complaining about the government isn't going to change a thing. The Founders gave us the solutions to such problems through their example: The first ten amendments were directed AT the government. We must do the same. Write laws that specifically target the behaviors of people like Pelosi Napolitano and Goddard (he won't prosecute voter fraud) then prosecute them with mandatory sentences. If they won't enforce our laws then they do time. That will save this country.

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Comment by jim best on December 14, 2013 at 3:01pm

From a meeting held by Tea Party the week of 12/11/13 and a post of Facebook's Zuckerberg pushing for passage of Immigration Reform Bill:

The reality Mr. Zuckerberg doesn't want Americans to know is:

1) there are 1,000 american cities with Cartel leadership and Hezbollah fully operational (from a 26-year veteran Border Patrol Executive).

2) Most day laborers and yard maintenance companies are front organizations for human and drug smuggling and smugglers.

3) Most human smuggling uses Houston, TX as their distribution point.

4) Most drug smuggling uses Houston, TX as their main distribution point. 

5) NGO's (non governmental organizations) are siphoning enormous quantities of funds to Senators, House members and certain White House staff.

6) Atrocities across Arizona's, California's, Texas' and New Mexico's borders are at an all time high. 

7) In one evening at a check point not far from Nogales, AZ, roughly an estimate 10,000 illegal aliens crossed north into Arizona's "no mans land" corridor leading to Phoenix and Sky Harbor Airport, Truck and pick-up rentals and points east.

8) Iranian and middle eastern "guides" are operating openly in both Arizona's open corridor and Texas'. 

9) Lastly, documented facts and sophisticated day and night videos have shown known Hezbollah operatives running weapons, drugs and sex slaves into these 1,000 cities across these USA.

This Immigration Reform Bill is an "Open Borders" loop hole, allowing a worsening of America's Homeland Security, social stability and economic development. Wake-up America. She's on life support. Pray. Amen. Join a Tea Party. 

Comment by Edward C. Spites on January 14, 2012 at 9:49am

Although ICE is still withholding much of the information, the files that have been furnished so far reveal “vast discrepancies” in many areas, according to a case-by-case analysis conducted by TRAC. The initial probe reveals that official ICE statements claimed 34 times more detentions, 24 times more deportations and almost five times more apprehensions than its own data. This certainly indicates that ICE knowingly lied to lawmakers and the press to embellish its enforcement activities.  

For instance, during a one-year period that ICE claimed it detained 233,417 individuals it really only detained 6,778, according to agency’s own records. That same year, ICE said it deported 166,075 people when it really only deported 6,906 and it only apprehended 21,339 compared to claims that it had apprehended 102,034.

The lies continue and in my up and coming books I hope to expose those lies and corruption and give faces to those that try and control us.


Comment by G&L Cole on August 13, 2011 at 4:54pm

I know I'm a little behind the others reading this post but you've hit the nail on the head.  High taxes needs to be addressed but it's only a symptom, along with welfare entitlement programs, wasteful govt spending, etc.  Government corruption is the malignant cancer which births all these off spring, much like an inflamed tumor oozes infectious pus.  Government of the people, by the people and for the people is needed and certainly not dangerous, however the politicians and bureaucrats within the system are.


The only solution is to surgically remove the tumor PERMANTLY.  VOTE!!!

Comment by Roger Guiles on December 21, 2010 at 6:19pm

Recently I was a little shocked by the leader of a Tea Party group referencing "Illegal immigration" as an emotional subject and not worth of our attention. Billions of dollars, thousands of American lives, employment at almost 10% is an emotional issue? Well yes, I guess it is, I know I'm upset every time I hear the news how the administration comes out with a new "policy" that aids & abets these criminals without any outcry from our representatives.

A casual glance at the Phoenix most wanted list makes me emotional about this issue too.    

Comment by Robert Yeats on December 21, 2010 at 3:51pm

Keith and Clemintine, thank you for your responses. I've been attending and contributing to Tea Party "like" groups before Beck made the scene. I've watched these groups, such as USA, crumble and fall due to poor management/leadership. We too often assume that because someone is standing at the podium s/he must know what they're doing. And just as often they don't and the group learns this after the horses have left the pasture. I attended USA weekly meetings for four straight years. I watched an ever revolving door of new members that would show up for one or two meetings then never return. Two groups were the most disappointing for me to see leave: business types and younger students. When I was able to track these people down and ask why they left their answer was always the same: "They're not doing anything, just talking." For the business types that meant organizing better and setting achievable goals. For the student types it meant a bit more. It meant including them, seeking their input and actually engaging their ideas and suggestions. The group I currently am a member of is composed mostly of retirees. There are no round-table discussions and debate with the "leader" is strongly frowned upon. That was also true with USA. I am associated with other groups but as USA is defunct I don't see any problem analyzing its demise or using it to illustrate what these new Tea Party groups are doing wrong. Strangely, that organization (USA) is a metaphor for this country. Leadership (John McCain, Jon Kyl, etc.) is not rallying us. They are not taking the helm of our terribly off-course ship. They are wealthy beyond our dreams and have no vested interest in what happens to you or I. They are aristocrats. And, more importantly, they don't have idea one of what needs to be done (nor do they care). Each of us do. Back to my complaint of the various Tea Party group leaders, these inexperienced, unschooled leaders are running our respective ships into the shoals. We don't "come back" from such tragedies. People need to wake up to what this country has achieved and why we are different than the rest of the world. If I voice an opinion at "my" group that is counter to the leaders, he will suggest I find another group. I know this because he already tried it with me. But the members like what I have to say so I stay and it annoys the hell out of him. If I were to attempt a coup and be successful I'm quite certain he'd take his ball and go home (i.e. shut down the website, etc.). Obviously not someone committed to the cause. Mediocrity rules the day. If you read Ayn Rand and the Fountainhead you'll understand my point better. Each of the Tea Party/9-12 groups must demand excellence from our leaders (including Beck). If we don't then attending meetings is frustrating waste of time for us all. Let's just hoist the Mexican flag and talk terms. Our leaders must not be allowed to "learn on the job." Too much is at stake. If they're not prepared to hit the ground running then move aside so someone else can get us to the objective more efficiently.


Again, thanks for taking the time to read my post and respond.

Comment by clemintine on December 20, 2010 at 8:35pm

not positive....but i think i can guess which group you attended. not all of the groups are "created equal".....

anyone that is ignoring the active threat to our nation from our southern border is blind, foolish or a member of the corrupt elitists in washington.....

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