Hi everyone. We need some help. We are here in Yuma investigating reports of fraud. What I am asking help for, is we need extra eyes on the ealry ballot counting process here. This si link and you can chime in at any time. Please, if you see anything bgoing on unusual, please report to the republican HQ in Yuma.

here is the link to view. they will be counting ballots today, sat, sun and election day. hours vary, could be late.

currently counting s we speak.


Here is a new press release from the info we have discovered already...

Voter Fraud Uncovered in Yuma

Ballots being mailed illegally, forged ballot requests, felons and illegals registering to vote and pressure on county employees by ACORN like groups. Chicago? Nope. Yuma, Arizona.

The Arizona Republican Party has uncovered direct evidence that Mi Familia Vota, Border Action, and Faith.Hope.Vote! who have direct ties to SEIU are attempting to influence the elections in Yuma County through fraudulent means. In the last 48 hours before the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) registration deadline of Friday, October 22nd, these organizations submitted 1,328 PEVL requests and then pressured the Yuma Recorder’s Office to process them by Monday.

In reviewing all PEVL requests made through what appears to be canvassing efforts by Mi Familia Vota and submitted on Friday, October 22nd, 113 of the 615 PEVL requests processed and mailed early ballots appear to be forged. Investigations revealed that contrary to state election regulations, an untold number of PEVL requests were not signature verified against Motor Vehicle Records, and investigators found concrete instances of forgery among the processed PEVL requests.

The Arizona Republican Party investigations continue to uncover clear and direct violations of Arizona law and Secretary of State elections regulations. The AZGOP has an active and on-going investigation regarding the extent of election fraud in Yuma County while allegations of illegal activities that appear to be direct attempts for SEIU to steal the election for Grijalva continue to be reported to the investigators in Yuma.

The following findings have been made thus far:

8,000 new PEVL requests have been processed this year which may have been forged.

10,052 registered voters were on the PEVL as of Wednesday, October 20.

1,536 requests to be added to the PEVL were received by the Yuma Recorder on Thursday the 21st and Friday the 22nd.

376 of the 1536 requests (24%) were rejected for reasons ranging from requests from felons, illegal aliens, and those not registered to vote to incomplete forms and duplicate requests.

113 of a sampling of 615 PEVL requests (18%) by Mi Familia Vota appear to be forged, yet were sent early ballots.

1160 voters were added to the PEVL over the weekend and mailed ballots on Monday, October 26th. An untold number of which were not signature verified and may have been forged requests.

Mi Familia Vota and Border Action both used the State Seal of Arizona on their PEVL forms without obtaining permission from the State as required under Arizona law.

Date Created: 10/29/2010

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Comment by JPD on October 31, 2010 at 12:21pm
Jerry Springer was on the Joy Behar (same number of letters as B$#&!) show Friday October 29.

One comment on that show by Joy “B” stands out concerning military voting: ‘maybe it should be done by internet’ or something to that effect. What’s interesting is its Sunday midday and the Joy B. web page doesn’t have that show pasted up yet. Guess CNN doesn’t have the labor/staff to do so. http://joybehar.blogs.cnn.com/
Comment by JPD on October 29, 2010 at 9:46pm
Early ballots are counted early – as they come in. Because of slow early ballot returns Arizona ran a couple of radio ads, had an article in the rag and some TV news stations made comment(s) to turn in early ballots now (early). There is a concern of being crushed which may slow down the election results. The first numbers one hour after poll closing usually reflects the early ballot count.

Oregon conducts all elections by mail in ballots. http://www.oregonvotes.org/vbm/faq.html

Some blue states didn’t get the military ballots out – I hope this is not used to argue the case for electronic/internet voting. Case in point: Hacking D.C. Internet Voting System http://phoenixteaparty.ning.com/profiles/blogs/hacking-dc-internet-...

Missouri has 15 counties that have more registered voters than population: http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2010/10/voter-fraud...
Comment by Renee Cannon on October 29, 2010 at 7:20pm
That is nt true. here in Yuma county. They counted some today. I was in the4 office today where they couint them and witnessed it. They will count today, tomorrow, sunday. Then, no count on monday, and resume tuesday. They do not release results until tuesday.

as a rsponse bot getting rid of early ballot, I totally agree. That would elimiate a lot of ther fraud.

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