Establishment Neo-Cons Line Up With Liberals To Besmirch Rand Paul

Rand Paul, fresh from a strong showing in New Hampshire in support of Scott Brown and massive local enthusiasm at the possibility of his presidential bid, immediately drew fire from both Neo-Con and Liberal journalists.   (see links)   Apparently viewing Paul as the man who could upset the cozy relationships which both the GOP Establishment figures and their Democrat allies enjoy, these two news purveyors have simultaneously come out with articles to cast suspicion upon Paul’s motives and credibility.  In doing so, they look just like the formula we’ve seen for years, where all the nightly news programs are just a review of the morning’s New York Times headlines – all of them biased toward Liberal politicians and policy.  In short, the articles are coordinated, doubtlessly springing from the same concern: that Paul will make the Demopublican club of entrenched political elites look bad and in so doing, perhaps win the presidency for a nation of voters literally dying for real representation.

Among the two articles were the usual intimations that Paul is a Libertarian, when in fact he has been a lifelong Republican, not that that’s any longer any indication of reserve in political matters.  In fact, at present many conservatives find it difficult to find much difference in substance from elected Republicans and Democrats in Washington.  Then of course, they raised questions of Paul’s positions on “social issues”, those issues which impact few Americans but which the press and the Demopublicans use to attempt to divide and hang conservatives at election time.  Of course, once the elections are over, the “social issues” go dormant, not to be mentioned again by politicians or press until the next election cycle.

It comes as no surprise that Paul has found opposition from both sides of the aisle, because both sides of the aisle seem really to be the same side.  The specter of someone like Paul emerging, someone offering true opposition to big government liberalism, has to be alarming to the entrenched political elites. Seeing their congressional approval polling numbers hovering between a ridiculous 10 to 20 percent and reading the many blog posts such as this one, these elites must know that the public is getting wise to their setup.  That GOP Establishment setup translates into “You don’t count.  We do what we please.  The platform?  What’s that?  Agenda?  What're you talking about?

Paul seems to be choosing carefully who he permits to interview him and isn’t always willing to answer questions designed to lure him into box canyons of rhetoric or which are based on false premises.  That is totally refreshing to see in a Republican politician!

Should Paul actually announce his candidacy and vigorously run, I will expect that the onslaught of personal smears and misinformation will be enormous, coming from both Republican and Democrat sources.  Be very sure to carefully look at any insinuation to see if it’s true.  It’s for sure that they will attempt to divide us with “social issues” and this will likely be a focus of attacks on Paul.  However, as conservatives, we must remember not to throw the baby out with the bath water.  Social issues are mostly state issues.  It’s not possible for the president to initiate legislation.  Thus, any “social issues” must originate in congress if they are to pass.  Would a Republican president veto a bill passed in congress which was initiated by his own party?  Very unlikely.  So, regarding the “social issues”, one must ask oneself, what does it matter what the President thinks of it?  It only matters if the bill is on his desk.  Who’s going to send it there?

Whether it’s Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann or any other real conservative, we need to get behind them strongly and be very, very suspicious of anything negative presented to us by the press.  The fact is that there is very little press of any kind which is going to be kind to a true conservative.  We need to show them we won’t be intimidated or taken off our purpose.


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