Faith, Family, Freedom: Governor Mike Huckabee endorsement of Trent Franks email – send money please!

Faith, Family, Freedom is actually that hasn’t seen any activity in over a year. It’s part of HUCKPAC, Inc. a business, in business to make money to wield influence over elections – to convince you the voter of something’s about candidates that may not necessarily be true.

Common Core:


Here is what Michelle Malkin had to say about Huckabee: “Flip-flopping Big Government Republican Mike Huckabee has led the “Rebrand it” strategy to take the heat off his Common Core buddies.” Hat’s off to the lady, she speaks for me.


Here is what Huckabee had to say: “It’s disturbing to me there have been criticisms of these standards directed by other conservatives,….” “I’ve heard the argument these standards ‘threaten local control’ of what’s being taught in Oklahoma classrooms. Speaking from one conservative to another, let me assure you this simply is not true … They’re not something to be afraid of; indeed they are something to embrace.”

Huckabee’ endorsement of Representative Trent Franks:


But first a couple statements from the Hucksters HUCKPAC: “We are a pro-life organization because this issue is a fundamental principle of the Republican Party and it is a fundamental principle of Huck PAC. We also only support candidates that believe in traditional marriage.  Finally, our candidates support balanced budgets, repealing Obamacare and cutting the wasteful spending in Washington.”

Trent Franks says he’s pro-life, if so why has he voted in favor of funding Planned Parenthood year after year within the NDAA budgets when his yes vote wasn’t needed to pass NDAA? Thought he was principled, pro-life……………..


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