Geater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots (GPTPP) under assault by GOP.

Is it, a hostile takeover, attempt to discredit, effort to censor voices from within, all the above?

It appears the AZGOP leadership campaign against GPTPP is bent on achieving its goal no matter who gets hurt, who is taken advantaged of or thrown under the bus.

>>>>> Recent example:
Tom Morrissey (AZGOP Chair) stated that loud and clear at a GPTPP group meeting Tuesday February 15 stating, “The Tea Party controls the Republican Party”. And in the context of WE being Tea Party “we need to control the party”, “the Tea Party is the Heart”, “take the party to the people”. After Morrissey’s finished his contribute money to the GOP stump, Ron Harders explained a joint effort to GOTV (get out the vote) between GPTPP and MCRC. Using Tom Husbands (Maricopa County Republican Committee) MCRC’ robo call system: call every Registered Republican and Independent voter in a specific Maricopa County park area. Ask, ‘if you are tired of the same old same old stuff, come to such and such park on such and such a day and find out what to do’. At the park, Ron Harders said he has 3’ by 6’ banners with Tea Party at the top (wasn’t clear if GPTPP was named) with register to vote under the TP on the banner. Harders said this needed to be done ASAP over the next three months, at every park in Maricopa County.

So, if you are calling registered voters, R’s & I’s, why do they need to register to vote. Or is this more about “if you are tired of the same old stuff” come to the park for a Tea Party rally, an event conceived, initiated and sponsored by the Maricopa County Republican Committee under, LITERALLY under the Banner of Tea Party. A clear violation of GPTPP’s 501c4 status. Question, who is playing who as stupid?

Question, why call Independents if it is the GOP intent on eliminating them from voting in the primary?


In general, political party leaders don’t give a shit about anyone but their agenda.

The AZGOP and the MCRC need to control or destroy the GPTPP to push their agenda.

GPTPP’s didn’t start this!

When our elected Arizona State Representatives at the Capitol think or reference the Tea Party, it’s the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots.

GPTPP is the one that stands out at the capital rallies, protest and counter protests.

Unknown to most, GPTPP has been in the Capital during sessions lobbying hard. Why else would certain Arizona GOP leaders in Arizona be attempting to take control of what influences our elected representatives the most, The Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots.

GPTPP influence is evident by its national ranking that has always been in the top 10 active sites. People, news media across the nation are reading our site.

Members at Large, as the unfolding situation concerning our leadership continues to present itself, bear with it, listen to your heart and by all means use your own judgment. GPTPP has been and will always be a non-partisan (not multi partisan) group. We stand for defined principals.

Contact your group leader and urge them to attend the closed meeting this evening being held just for them so they may review the documentation, the evidence, ask questions and submit evidence aliude, seeing that some have been running their mouths spreading falsehoods. The board has acted in a responsible manner holding in confidence that is what their obligation to do so.

As we go forward, feel free to repeat anything I say, or forward anything I write, to anyone you desire as my only defense from liable or slander is the truth.

Tom Morrissey is a puppet; this guy has so much baggage it reeks. Anyone who believes he is Tea Party is a moron, those who are promoting him as such are GOP Tea Party Infiltrates, traitors of Patriot’s needing a dip in the tar bucket, feathers and run down the street. You’re one Ron Harders as well as Dream Warrior aka Ron Ludders.

Peter Bordow, Director of Candidate Vetting, tell us why you are here my friend, Wes Harris protégé? How did you obtain a Directors position? You got appointed to the IT Site Security Position created at the January 29 meeting. A motion from the floor by Ray Wallage that was out of order – Wallage isn’t on the board.

Sheila Muehling, your LOUD gasp at the January 29 Board Meeting of “I didn’t know that” was classic. Are you telling us that you didn’t know that Tom Morrissey has been a client of Lynn Breyer’s husband for 15 years or more? Or were you surprised that someone would dare raise the question on what appears to be a major conflict of interest, calling (then GPTPP President) Lynn Breyer’s emailed (a letter) in support (endorsing) of Tom Morrissey for the AZGOP Chair into question.

By the way, in that letter of intent to influence, Ms. Breyer said that her good friend Tom Morrissey admired the Tea Party but “was a member of none.” I’m confused, we got all these hard line GOP people that are members of the GPTPP saying Morrissey “IS TEA PARTY” and a former (their) Tea Party president saying he is not. We got many of our Group leaders supporting Lynn and demanding a vote be held now for a new president of GPTPP and that they, just the group leaders are to vote for the president.


From Pantsless Congressional Candidate to Pantsless "Transition Team Chief?"

Are you telling me that Haney didn't know this when he declared Morrissey the Tea Party Candidate for AZGOP Chair.


McCain-Haney-Hayworth-Bruce Ash??


Tom Morrissey – are you for real.


GOP or Tea Party Patriots?



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