I have some information on why the efforts to recall McCain and Flake aren't getting anywhere

I received this auto-reply when I inquired about the recall efforts at info@sentaorflake.com.
Thank you for your interest in recalling Senators Flake and McCain.  Unfortunately, the state of Arizona is requiring pre-approval of any recall petitions, in addition to registration as a political committee, filing of campaign finance documents, and other hoops to jump through, none of which appear to be in accordance with the state Constitution.

At this juncture, this recall effort is on hold.  This is an automatic reply to your email.  This address is no longer monitored on a regular basis.
I just sent an email to Mark Levin's Landmark Legal Foundation (contact@landmarklegal.org) about this.
Can anyone think of further action we can take?
It's no wonder that McCain and Flake appear to have no concerns about acting in direct opposition to the will of their constituents.

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Comment by JPD on August 15, 2013 at 7:34pm

Thought so............................

Comment by JPD on August 9, 2013 at 10:13am

I’m not impressed with ACU’s scoring matrix; after all didn’t they score McCain 100% in the past?

Think about it, a 501c3 and a 501c4 and a PAC, a one stop shop who has offered endorsements for a price in the past aka pay to play.

You missed what I said about JD running for Kyl’s seat in 2012, it was without any consideration as to if it was open or not, Hayworth could have taken it outright. The McCain machine tricked Hayworth into running as they didn’t want to run against the Citizen Candidate Jimmy Deakin. McCain needed someone with baggage to run against which was Hayworth, as to recognize Deakin as even being in the race would have in the climate of the time, promoted Deakin to a win.

The question I still have today is did Hayworth take a dive in the election to pay off his attorneys fees form the Abramoff scandal?    

Kyl’s stepping down was announced 2 weeks after the 2010 AZGOP convention where Kyl made a comment to a Tea Party leader that it will be nice having their (TP) support. That TP leader turned and told Kyl, ‘you know Jon, after not reading the Obamacare bill on the floor before a vote, where you would still be reading it today, you are not going to get any Tea Party support.’ I think Kyl didn’t want to face a scathing re-election campaign and jumped out before his past was revealed.

You will not be successful with a McCain - Flake recall effort as you are approaching it form a conservative aspect. It will only be successful if it’s inclusive as in being appealing to all political persuasions.

Signatures close to ONE THIRD (1/3) of the total registered voters in Arizona will be needed to call a recall election. Currently R.I.D. (republicans, independents, democrats) share an equal percentage of registered voters. 

Comment by Robert Fraser on August 9, 2013 at 6:15am

Thanks JPD,

Good points. As for Hayworth, in 2010 both he and Kyl had an excellent American Conservative Union rating of right around 97%. Although Hayworth's bid failed (mostly due to a massive fear & smear campaign by McCain), I can't fault Hayworth for not waiting for Kyl's seat to open up. Kyl's retirement was a shocker and theoretically McCain should have been extremely vulnerable in 2012. But as always, McCain had his Road to Damascus conservative conversion during the primary and promised that he had seen the light. We've seen that happen time and again, but McCain always goes back to his "maverick" ways as soon as his seat is safe for another 6 years.

Haywoth's value to Americans would be far beyond his single senate vote. As we all know, he is a powerful voice in the media and would be an effective proponent of conservative values while not hesitating to unflinchingly oppose the administration at every turn. I wish we had more politicians in the GOP like that now.

I interpreted ARS 19-201 differently the first time I read it, but you're right. It doesn't matter how many votes were cast for senator when McCain was elected, the 2012 election is the basis for the calculation. I double-checked all your math and I agree with your figures. 

I think we could make effective use of Youtubes in a grassroots recall effort for McCain and Flake. Without other important national races occurring at the same time, we could certainly attract nearly the entire attention of conservative websites to support us in promoting the recall. TEA Party members from other states would likely provide assistance in a fight to oust our senators. The question then becomes, which two conservative Arizonans could win against McCain and Flake?

Comment by JPD on August 8, 2013 at 9:23pm

I’m not a JD fan in the least having combed his voting record for the 2010 election cycle. I consider him in the same vein as Cardon where JD was duped into being McCain’s strawman vs Cardon who flat out colluded with Flake (McCain Progressive Political Machine) as his strawman. This earmark BS of the McTwins was/is a smoke and mirrors tool for congressional scorers, the majority of which are in the pockets of bias entities. 

Hayworth was stupid for running in 2010 when he could have been a KING & QUEEN maker on the radio during the 2010 cycle, he would have set himself up as a shoo in for Kyl’s seat in 2012…….. BUTTTTTT NOOOOO!   

One must ask themselves why Flake has been so quite these past months, while considering why McCain has been so flamboyant? Does McCain have political capital to burn where McFake has none and is being sheltered by McCain?    

The most current election (2012) for like position is used to calculate the required number of VALID recall petition signatures as detailed under ARS 19-201. “Officers subject to recall; number of petitioners” aka petition signatures is 25% where 2,243,422 votes were cast for U.S. Senate or 560,856 VALID signatures are required to recall a U.S. Senator. Now add the typical 30% for invalid signatures, messed up petition sheets etc. for a total of 729,113 signatures to assure the 560,856 valid ones are achieved. Now round up to 800,000 because the big guns will pull every trick to trip it up to include Mormon buddy Bennett playing games. 

The time line for the recall is 180 days (6 months) to gather signatures. As it needs to be organized before filing for a recall petition number to facilitate hitting the ground running, October would most likely be the start month that puts submission of petitions to the Secretary of State starting in February 2014 with finishing in March. The recall election would most likely be set for May or June to keep it away from disrupting the primaries (let’s put more pressure on the clowns). The October – March petition drive time line is perfect, cool weather, lots of activities to include some year-end U.S. Congress BS to fuel the disdain for the Senate and House behaviors – plays well. Plays well with candidates running in the normal election cycle for 2014 – just what is their positions on this and that, who do they support?   

Now why just McCain, why not Flake at the same time, ‘please sign my two recall petitions for McCain and Flake’? It needs to be presented so a cross section of political persuasions will sign. Present it to a Democrat as an opportunity for them to put up a candidate like Carmona etc... Independents are a mixed breed – need them to buy in and circulate petitions as well.   

Imagine the first ever on a ballot for US Senate: “”””VOTE FOR TWO CANDIDATES”””” that would make a great flyer to hand out as well.     

Consideration of the other parties needs to be explored to seat the recall committee to help drawing in others for the petition drive. WE CAN FIGHT draw lines after we get the signatures but until than let’s do this together for our own reasons – yep that will cause McStain and McFake to lose control of their pucker strings.

Comment by Robert Fraser on August 8, 2013 at 3:29pm


You certainly provide some interesting information. It did cross my mind that the senatorflake.com website could be a false flag simply because of how meager and unnecessarily pessimistic their information is. T thought probably wouldn’t have occurred to me in the past, but I'm becoming increasingly cynical about politicians.

I counted up the total number of votes cast for the office of U.S. Senator from Arizona in 2010 (the year McCain was re-elected), and they totaled 1,708,484. (http://www.azsos.gov/election/2010/General/Canvass2010GE.pdf)

The number of valid petition signatures required would be 25% of that number, or 427,121. (http://www.azsos.gov/election/IRR/Initiative_Referendum_and_Recall.pdf)

Considering how difficult it is to get voters out for a special election, wouldn't it be best to time a recall effort to coincide with a November election?

McCain has deep pockets and fights like a rabid wolverine in every primary. I wish he was an actual conservative and would fight for the good of our country the way he fights for himself during state elections. We don’t really know the depth of anger and frustration that Arizonans have for McCain at this point. Certainly from reading the comments sections of conservative blogs and listening to conservative media voices, there is unprecedented anger toward McCain’s continual betrayal. Many are saying that McCain should just go ahead and switch parties. Personally I doubt he will switch because McCain seems to have a decent conservative voting record—it’s just on the major issues that his actions become indistinguishable from those of a Democrat. I would also think that switching parties would spoil his “legacy”.

I’d like to know whether anyone believes whether McCain could be successfully recalled. According to the Secretary of State handbook describing the recall process, Arizona will only pay for one recall election during the politician’s term of office. A second recall effort would have to be paid for by the political committee.

I’m wondering whether filing a recall petition for McCain might cause him to at least modify some of his behavior? I suspect that a recall effort could attract quite a bit of out-of-state money from Americans who are fed up with McCain’s actions. J.D. Hayworth is currently working in broadcasting in Southern California, but wouldn’t it be something if he could be representing us in the Senate for Obama’s last three years? Switching one single player from McCain to Hayworth would have far-reaching effects on the future of our country.

And finally, do Flake’s actions warrant a recall effort? If so, it wouldn’t require much more effort to go for two instead of just one. However, it would also increase the resistance against a recall effort.

I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts on all of this.

Comment by JPD on August 8, 2013 at 12:47pm

You don’t organize a recall drive that will take 800,000 signatures by starting with filing a RECALL APPLICATION with the Secretary of State. You organize and gather resources first, then apply so you are actually gathering signatures during the 180 day period allowed to do so.

The site you are looking at tells me it was someone from out of state, more than likely a McCain and McFlake supporter.

Google ‘McCain Flake recall’ and note how close the dates are on all the pages/links – seems it was put out there to deflate the issue as it looks like a false flag to me. Note that a recall on Flake couldn’t be initiated before July 3, 2013 (by law) being six months after his swearing in. This false flag was put out there to provoke a response to see if the threat was real.

The reason they don’t seem to care is they know all the tricks, see the lack of knowledge of recall parameters and of course Ken Bennett, is a party boy. There are so many disqualifiers that can be applied to completed petitions, just the sheer number of signatures required 580,000 or 800,000 to cover the average 30% of signature that are rejected, is a draw back. You think you can get 800,000 Repubs to sign? Perhaps the Independents could fill in and how about the Demoncats who they are catering to?    

SenatorFlake.com http://senatorflake.com/some-facts-to-refute-their-lies/

Website starts recall against Sens. Jeff Flake, John McCain over immigration http://www.examiner.com/article/website-starts-recall-against-sens-...

Comment by Robert Fraser on August 7, 2013 at 11:48am

When the rumors first began that there were recall petitions circulating for McCain and Flake, I looked on the Arizona Secretary of State's website and couldn't find any official recall petitions. I did find a couple of recall petitions for McCain when I looked again just now but they don't appear to have attempted to meet any requirements to be official.


Here is a handbook that explains what it takes to petition to recall an elected official:




The filing fee for a political committee is only $500, so it's not like it's out of our reach.

Comment by Karen Gevaert on August 7, 2013 at 9:01am

If the requirements are not accordance to the State Constitution, then I hope the "Landmarklegal" foundation responds to your e-mail.  Looks like a legal battle, the question---can we do it?

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