I'm not in favor of an armed march on the state capitol.

We presently enjoy an open carry law here in Arizona with few restrictions. Armed citizens (I'm guessing not many will show up) are likely going to draw a heavy police presence and maybe even generate national hysteria in the media. There may be calls for laws to prevent such possible "threats to the public welfare" in the future. DHS is already seeking any possible excuse to crack down on patriots. Why give Liberals ammunition to use against us?

Additionally, the Boston Massacre and Kent State showed how easy it is for a first shot to be fired. Do you want to be openly carrying in a possibly tense situation on the Fourth of July in which someone may set off a cherry bomb that could be mistaken for a shot?

It's supposed to be 110 degrees today. While marchers have the option to wear shorts and T-shirts, police officers would be sweating in bulletproof vests and dark blue uniforms. And anyway, do you really want to force the Phoenix P.D. to possibly take officers away from BBQing with their families at high noon on the Fourth of July?

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