Illegals in AZ Make Up 33rd Largest City in U.S.

Illegal immigration and Arizona’s law to crack down on illegal immigration is still making headlines. People are becoming aware of just how bad the border situation and illegal immigration problem really
is and they are fighting back. It is our country and we are no longer
willing to accept uninvited guests who are demanding we change our house
to fit their needs.

The latest estimate of the number of illegal aliens in Arizona is 460,000-500,000. While I knew this was a lot I needed to put it into some kind of perspective I could relate to, so I looked up cities in the
United States with populations of 500,000 or more. There were only
32. So the illegal alien population alone of Arizona would make it the
33rd largest city in the United Sates! There are at least 18
states that do not have a city in their state as large as the illegal
population in Arizona. These numbers only represent Arizona. Can you
image the results for states like California, Texas and New York? We
have a very real immigration problem. ....More

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