Is Chicanos Unidos Arizona President Stretching the Truth?

Miguel Perez, current president of Chicanos Unidos Arizona and an active member of La Raza, who also served as the vice president of the Latino civil rights organization MECHA in Fullerton CA, might be stretching the truth in some of his articles. As a Phoenix Civil Rights Examiner he dribbles in writing articles, mostly in support of Illegal Aliens, Open Borders and the Atzlan movement. In at least three of his articles during 2011, (July 23rd, September 3rd. and October 1st.) he claims that certain organizations have had, or have planned meetings with school officials in regards to championing causes for the illegal community. It seems odd that there is never a follow up story detailing the results of such meetings. One can only assume that Miguel confuses “official meetings” with discussing support for illegals over coffee with sympathetic teachers or those that work in the school system.  Where’s the follow up Miguel?

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