KELLI WARD, Constitutional State Senator or NOT? Maricopa County Republican County Briefs:

Kelli Ward Arizona State Senator District 5, one of three challengers ( Clair Van SteenwykAlex Meluskey ) running against incumbent John McCain for his U.S. Senate seat this coming 2016 election cycle. Published a statement in the August 11, 2015 Maricopa County Republican County Brief’s concerning McCain’s vacillation on defunding Planned Parenthood.


Interesting her statement fails to acknowledge her Oath of Office to the Constitution of the State of Arizona: “I Will. As a physician, I took an oath to help the sick and to save lives. As a Senator, I will swear an oath to the Constitution. I’ll keep both of those oaths. And unlike John McCain, I won’t give the left a free pass to harvest baby organs. I know you’ve had enough. We need real leadership, and I will provide it.”, which begs for the question to be asked, why Arizona State Senator Ward didn’t include or at least reference her Oath of Office taken for State Senator, the office she will be serving her second year of her second two year term this coming 2016 Legislative Session while campaigning for U.S. Senate (2016)?


Ward not mentioning or referring to her Oath of Office ‘sworn’ to ‘twice’ as an Arizona Senator to uphold the Arizona and the United States Constitution… is that a Freudian Slip (subconscious denial)? Perhaps as she knows she has violated the Arizona Constitution in performing her duties as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education and subsequent Senate votes in what she describes ‘as pressure she didn’t understand’.

In her MCRC statement Ward acknowledges her ‘Hippocratic Oath’ taken as a physician, and says she “”WILL swear an oath to the Constitution. I’ll keep both of those oaths.”… she will ‘keep both of those oaths’, one made as a Doctor and one she will make if elected to the U.S. Senate. Again, what about the other “Oath of Office”, the one made (twice) as a State Senator to uphold the Arizona State Constitution?


The 8:34 minute video clip below (Endoctrination) was pulled out of a 30:54 minute video and will be used for future blog posts to conclusively show her unconstitutional behavior/votes. Interesting is each time the short video is watched it becomes more evident Senator Ward is either ignorant of the State Constitution and Laws relative to the subject and/or she’s spinning a web – it’s both. Towards the end of the video (07:00) Ward identifies why she voted against what she says she stands for in the video ‘people on my side told me that was not a way to make friends’ – aka legislative (political) peer pressure (score card).


About a month earlier State Senator Kelli Ward the Senate Education Committee Chair states at Minute 00:31:57 “I hope that no one is legislating based on score cards I hope they are legislating on good policy…” 02/26/2015 – Senate Education


In short Senator Ward said in the video two employees (the two that were fired by Douglas) were to move under the supervision of the Board of Education, yet Ward voted to establish not 2(two) but 11(eleven) FTE (full time (Board) employees) thus expanding government (against her stated political creed) by creating another department/state agency, The State Board of Education complete with its own budget lines with the future to expand upon. But Arizona State Law CURRENTLY (after all this BS that went down) doesn’t allow the Board of Education to select their employees per ARS 15-203-5 (note this statement at the top of the ARS page: The Arizona Revised Statutes have been updated to include the revised sections from the 52nd Legislature, 1st Regular Session.). Ward also said, a full vetting process will take place of the five (5) Ducey Board Nominees along with saying ‘no one gets by me’…. Ward’s Education Committee only vetted three (3) choosing to let the other two (2) slid by un-vetted to serve for a year…. drum roll – for this and that reason: who opened the door to let the foxes in to complete the job of entrenching Common Core in Arizona? Kelli Ward…


Looks like the coming 52nd Legislature, 2nd Regular Session (2016) is going to be busy cleaning up their convoluted mess! The mess future blog post will provide ‘conclusive documentation’ as to what Senator Ward said/says and what she did are two different things. I believe based her not including/mentioning her Oath to the Arizona Constitution, it was indeed a classic Freudian Slip.

Clearly Ward is intimately familiar with the SLIP thingy having a BS in Psychology where she left NOTHING out of her resume.


She doesn’t reference her Arizona Oath but she wants you to reach into your pockets and “CHIP IN”.


Ward wants your vote for limited constitutional government, but voted to “Make State Board of Education a separate state agency. (pg. 24)”  aka expanding Arizona State Government: Wards Y vote.


Ward wants your vote because she says she is a “constitutional conservative”, but confirms three (3) Board of Education nominees into “”lay member”” positions that are anything but “LAY” rather just the opposite as education insiders.


I’ll chip in… conclusive blog post’S to follow.

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Comment by James Mapes on September 10, 2015 at 5:17pm

She may wish to be a good plumber, but stinky fluid leaks everywhere since she started work--Her assurances of quality and intent not withstanding.

Comment by JPD on September 10, 2015 at 4:32pm

By ‘due course’ indeed naivete can be overcome: facts are facts more yet to be presented, her words… actions. Kelli Ward is not who she presents herself to be.

Comment by James Mapes on September 10, 2015 at 1:25pm

Tweakers use their lying BS on reasonable and kind people.
Overcoming your naivete, in due course, is the only way to remain kind and reasonable.

Providing rehab for politicians is cheap. Just say "no".

Comment by JPD on September 10, 2015 at 8:40am

Agree, hyper spin ramble butt cover by Kelli Ward which is a title of a coming blog post ""KELLI WARD and her 'dang fence' aka doublespeak"" (no better than McCain).

Using audio and video recordings, and print articles that quote Ward, she clearly has an affinity to doublespeak. Proof is her legislative record – everything third party referenced.   


Comment by James Mapes on September 10, 2015 at 6:33am

Sounds like hyper-spin-ramble-butt-cover.
The AZ Constitution had a fairly effective form of reducing unaccountable bureaucracy in DOE.
Our "TP" candidates whore us up with BS in our state, as well as in DC.
"We hate what Obozo is doing, so we give him everything he wants. It's better that way."
"We hate a runaway DOE, so we will make them unaccountable to the public. It's better that way."

Shortcomings of any politician, regardless of root causes, should Not be paid for at the expense of Sound, Lawful, and Straightforward policy. Douglas was put there for this reason. The "TP-ers" in office screwed the TP-ers who placed them there. -- We rightfully expect sweet kisses when this happens, not crack-head rambling excuseplanations.

Story-telling little-kids caught stealing ice-cream from your freezer can be cute.
Story-telling politicians caught stealing your little-kid's ice-cream from your freezer... not so much.

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