Military to Designate U.S. Citizens as Enemy During Dollar, Sovereign Debt and Banking Collapse

[Ed Note: Given the new NDAA bill and our rapid decline into pure tyranny, we will direct you to for the links to the documents the government now deems "classified". We value truth, but we also value living life OUTSIDE of a U.S. military dungeon.]

by Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones,

UPDATE: Government censors document revealing plans to wage war on American...

NOTE: Within an hour of posting this article and linking to the pertinent document, the feds at FBO.govhave pulled the link and implied that it was a classified posting. We believe this was public and of interest to American citizens, taxpayers and peoples of the world and are in the process re-establishing an archive link of the material. Obviously, however, this information is revealing and certain parties do not wish it to be widely known.

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