Your mind was made up long before you did the townhall. Dumb question? Dumb attitude to display to Arizona on TV! How dare you insult not only this state's intelligence but also all Americans! You may have served this country once-upon-a-time but a GREAT deal has changed since then and times are totally different! This ain't the Vietnam era anymore and military matters need to be handled totally different nowadays, especially when an undocumented, illegal alien occupies our Oval Office which YOU refuse to do anything about! I believe it's called aiding & abetting a criminal in legal terms. You are as crooked as Obama, Kerry, both Clintons and all the Socialists combined! Under your watch, and theirs, this country is doomed! Americans are fed up with the likes of you all!

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Comment by Judy Eades on September 6, 2013 at 9:31pm

My sentiments exactly!  Good for you Karen.

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