The Constitutional Militia IS Your Duty
Under The Second Amendment - Part 2

By Devvy
Exclusive to Rense

 Let me give you a few examples of how the Constitutional Militia can be of critical importance in assisting law enforcement. We all remember Katrina. I can guarantee you if the constitutional militia had been up and operational in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, we would not have seen the murder and mayhem which followed. We would not have seen so many with no plans for even back up water supplies. A "well regulated militia" means just that. It means planning and structure. It means holding constitutional so the participants fully understand the Bill of Rights, obeying unlawful orders and their proper role. There weren't enough law enforcement in New Orleans. So many of them also lost their homes and needed to take care of their families. What was left was chaos and death. With cities and towns literally wiped off the map for hundreds of miles across the bottom of the gulf states, there wasn't enough preparation at the local level. Much of the misery could have been minimized had the militia been called up by the governors. There are dozens of outstanding militia organizations in this country who work hard training to be of help to emergency medical workers and law enforcement during a natural disaster. But, they are not the constitutional militia and that is a huge legal issue. Bringing in active duty military was the very worst thing that could have happened and should never happen in this country. But, how many times have I warned it was/is coming? I refer again to a piece in the Sacramento Bee newspaper back in 1997: "Our Civilian Military Face-Off". Do take the time to read it because it was more than just some writing exercise. Despite the rosy predictions coming out of the liars for hire (mainstream media and cable networks), 2012 is not going to be better because the disabilities of our monetary system are still there, jobs to be shipped overseas as well as the insane spending by the other liars for hire, Congress. I don't need to rehash how bad the job situation is, but as things worsen the odds of civil unrest climb. As has been said by people far more intelligent than me, when you back people up against a wall with nothing to lose, they lose it. There aren't enough law enforcement or national guard to stop what can turn ugly in places like LA with 14 million people crammed into a very small area.  Bring in the military? That is nothing more than inviting a totalitarian crackdown.  On May 29, 1994, veteran Marines of Somalia, Panama or Haiti were given what is now called the "Twenty Nine Palms Survey"; location of the base where that was given. Active duty were ask 40 questions; here are two: 1. Do you agree or disagree that you are a UN fighting machine? 2. If Congress passed a law that said Americans could only own hunting type rifles and had to turn in all other guns, would you fire on an American who refused to give up their gun?  A sickening 25% said they would shoot their fellow Americans. That was a test run. In 1995 & 1996, it was given to Air Force personnel. That still left a substantial number who wouldn't, but what would the numbers be today? More? Less? Over the past two decades we have seen unconstitutional "federal" alphabet soup agencies pass more and more regulations against Americans so you can't wake up in the morning anymore without breaking some "law". A recent example: Local sheriff defends farmer from FDA intrusion  "Brad Rogers, Sheriff of Elkhart County, Indiana, is withstanding FDA bureaucrats who are harassing citizens in his county. The U.S. Justice Department has withdrawn its subpoena of Indiana raw dairy farmer Richard Hochstetler to appear before a federal grand jury. "He was scheduled to testify tomorrow in Detroit, in connection with an outbreak of illnesses linked by public health officials, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, to the milk of his Forest Grove Dairy. But yesterday he received a certified letter saying that his subpoena was being withdrawn. "The withdrawal came after Roger's Sheriff's Department told the FDA to back off: He wrote two letters to the Justice Department warning it not to conduct inspections of Hochstetler's farm without a warrant from a local judge. In the process, he got into a debate over the limits of federal power and the U.S. Constitution with the Justice Department's Goldstein. Earlier this month, Rogers emailed Goldstein that there had been "a number of inspections and attempted inspections on (Hochstetler's) farm" He warned that "any further attempts to inspect this farm without a warrant signed by a local judge, based on probable cause, will result in Federal inspectors' removal or arrest for trespassing by my officers or I." Where does the Federal Death Administration (FDA) derive its jurisdiction? So few know, but jurisdiction is everything. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson in Josephine County, Oregon knows. The citizens in his county are very lucky to have him as their sheriff. Unraveling Federal Jurisdiction within a State (11-08-11) Should federal dragoons or the military come stomping into Josephine County, who will stand behind Sheriff Gilbertson? Sheriffs Stand Tall for the Constitution Yreka, California - "On October 22, 2011, Defend Rural America - a gathering of people from across many western states - was held at the Siskiyou County Fairgrounds. This event featured the film debut of Kirk MacKenzie's documentary of the Klamath River Basin. The film also highlighted government abuse of Ranchers, Recreators and many other citizens. In attendance was Siskiyou County Sheriff, John Lopey and seven other elected sheriffs from Oregon and California." Should federal dragoons or the military come stomping into the counties of those sheriffs, who still stand behind them? Not to pick a fight or start a war, but to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Remember: no where in the Constitution is the word sheriff mentioned and in fact, efforts have been undertaken over the decades to get rid of sheriffs in some counties all together. That cannot happen with the constitutional militia, nor can Congress or the Judiciary "dispense" with them: "By definition, "the security of a free State" is "homeland security" (the "homeland" being, not simply a geographical area, but a special political conception rooted in freedom). The Amendment describes "[a] well regulated Militia" as "necessary" (not simply useful) for such "security". And the Amendment singles out "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms" as so important to the existence of such a "Militia" that "the right * * * shall not be infringed". Therefore, the fundamental constitutional institution of "homeland security" must be "[a] well regulated Militia" based upon "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms". "Perhaps more importantly, the body of the Constitution itself is not silent on this matter, either. To be sure, the Constitution does not create any "well regulated Militia". It delegates no power to Congress to "raise and support" (as with an army), to "provide and maintain" (as with a navy), or in any other words to fashion from whole cloth any "well regulated Militia". And it does not even define what constitutes such a Militia. That is because it did not have to: In the late 1700s, every adult American knew that "well regulated Militia" had existed in the Colonies and independent States from the mid-1600s, and were established in every State of the Union even as the Constitution was being drafted and ratified. For that reason, the Constitution simply acknowledged "the Militia of the several States" as already in existence, adopted and incorporated them according to the historical legal principles by which they had long and even then operated, and thereby perpetuated them in that form. See Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16; and Article II, Section 2, Clause 1." Dr. Edwin Vieira A new effort is underway, The County Sheriff Project, spearheaded by a great American warrior, former Sheriff Richard Mack: "The bottom line answer is your county sheriff. Ultimately, he is the one who will decide what is and what is not enforced in your county. He has the authority and is oath bound duty to interpose himself on your behalf to protect you from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. He is the people's protector.  "But the county sheriffs cannot do this alone. They need training, education, and support. To this end, I have helped form the CSPOA or the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association. And, one of our first projects is national convention of up to 200 county sheriffs, targeted to convene in January 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We can free America now, one county at a time, with the leadership of one county sheriff at a time." But, who will stand behind that one sheriff? Two, three, or in a larger county, 20 deputies? With the constitutional militia authorized by state statute, the governor then has the power to call them up to assist law enforcement for many reasons. The reason I ask the questions I have throughout this two part column, I hope, has become apparent. The constitutional militia is your duty. The state legislatures must reconstitute them to remain free states and for homeland security. While gun groups like the NRA have done nothing to make this a reality, I am wondering where are all the men who complain so loudly?  Certainly huge numbers of many men and women have stepped forward to fight for our freedom and liberty in all 50 states, but it's not enough. We're being buried. Everyday its something new out of DC and voting out the old scoundrels hasn't done a thing to stop the harassment of citizens within the states of the Union. Alphabet soup agencies just spit in Congress' face and they take it. The federal dragoons and unconstitutional alphabet soup agencies continue to harass Americans on a daily basis. Farmers for things like raw milk, which is totally absurd. Doctors who have the cures for many types of cancer being driven into bankruptcy fighting the federal machine so the big pharmaceutical companies and cancer foundations can continue milking Americans for billions of dollars while killing them. There's no money in the cure, only the treatment. The effort to educate state legislators regarding nullification has risen across this country, which is great. But, the evil doers who lust for power and whose only goal is to reduce us to shackled slaves for their own interests never rest and as long as the only obstacle in their path is a county sheriff, they arrogantly believe they can continue to tell them as well as state legislatures to drop dead.  How many more NDAAs will it take before men and women in this country understand the power of the purse and sword?  All the columns, talking, moaning, groaning and big talk is NOT going to turn things around and send a clear message to the U.S. Congress: We understand jurisdiction. We know the Federal Department of Education, the EPA and other cabinets and agencies are unconstitutional and we're tired of being pushed around by them. Tired of small businesses being buried in rules and regulations by agencies that have no legal authority to even exist.  None of it will happen unless YOU do as I have done: Get educated on the real constitutional militia and then get in the face of your state representative and senator to write the statute revitalizing the militia in your state. Tune out useful fools like this author: Arizona Passes Private Militia Bill "Arizona is in the process of legitimating the Ku Klux Klan with the euphemistic creation of "Arizona State Guard" giving tacit approval to private militias' nativism. We might expect these Nazi Brown Shirts to dehumanize Hispanics without being held responsible to the United States Government. It sounds like there needs to be a legal infrastructure put in place to garner billions in law suits from KKK atrocities." And this one:  Arizona Passes Private Militia Bill "It is no surprise that nativists back this private militia bill. And so far very little has been disclosed concerning what, if any, accountability these private militias will have. For example, do these private militias have to abide by civil rights laws? What about the Bill of Rights? The quick answer is of course no - that is precisely why they have been created." Unparalleled ignorance and stupidity. The Arizona State Legislature passed a bill which was signed into law: "Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill creating a state militia that she could deploy at any time, and for any reason. The bill, SB1495, creates a volunteer state militia, separate and apart from the National Guard." (April 28, 2011). Unfortunately, and I don't know if it's changed, at that time there was no command structure in place. Here is the text. With all due respect to the legislators who did get it passed, I sincerely wish they would have contacted Dr. Vieira about writing a statute for the real constitutional militia.  As I said, only your state reps and senators can make this happen. If you have a state representative or senator who has checked his manhood at the door or if a female hiding behind her skirts, they should be the ones run out of office in November 2012. I respectfully urge you to listen to Dr. Vieira and learn about the history of the constitutional militia and why it is so important we press this with the greatest urgency as the state legislatures go back into session next week: Edwin Vieira, the Militia and the Constitution (4 parts) You can read his outstanding book, Constitutional Homeland Security: A Call for Americans to Revitalize the Militia of the Several States. Volume I, The Nation in Arms, by ordering it directly from him; $20.00. If you live in Virginia, add 5% sales tax. Dr. Edwin Vieira, 52 Stonegate Court, Front Royale, VA 22630. You can also order it from Amazon. His scholarly and highly detailed columns are archived here. As you can see by scrolling down the list, he has written many on the constitutional militia. The other must have is the 4 CD set, The Purse and Sword by Dr. Edwin Vieira: "This seminar featuring Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. is the single greatest presentation regarding the Constitutional remedies and powers available to both the people and the national government to deal with our economy and homeland security challenges. Dr. Vieira presents his "visual Constitution" to make plainly clear what should and must be done for our nation to deal with these present and ever-increasing crisis." If money is tight, share the cost with a few friends. Watch it and then try to get an appointment with your state representative and hand deliver a copy. Ask him/her to watch it. If you can afford it, buy a second set and get it to your county sheriff.  Talk about homeland security and all the issues raised. We are under attack by every alphabet soup agency out of DC and the vermin in the U.S. Congress. Educate and motivate. This is a priority issue as I have said so many times, yet I see absolutely nothing happening from a single state legislature (other than Arizona). Why? Because not enough patriots have made it an issue by the tens of thousands. All I continue to see is more emails about more gun grabbing laws, whining and big talk backed up by nothing. Heavens, there are still gun owners out there who absolutely believe the Second Amendment was put in the Bill of Rights so they can hunt deer! I also highly recommend: Samuel Adams - Father of the American Revolution by Mark Puls. Adams didn't just sit around and bellyache like the sissies and perfumed princes occupying this country while they guzzle brew in front of some game on the boob tube. If you want something bad enough, it takes boots on the ground. Thank you.  Links A must: learn about jurisdiction: Federal Jurisdiction Three important (fairly short) columns on treaties & jurisdiction  Some of Dr. Edwin Vieira's columns on the constitutional militia are available for free on audio.  Listen on your computer or download to your IPod. Legalized Civilian Militia Groups the Answer to Arizona's Border Security Problems U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge Mexican pirates vs. constitutional militia

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