Papers Please- Today's Urgent Action Is Wrong

The Safe Neighborhoods bill you want to encourage will be another giant step towards a police state. You have been fooled into thinking this has no repercussions onto your Individual Rights.

HB2632 and SB1070 will not only give law enforcement a low threshold to stop you, ( See Terry Stops, Terry vs Ohio) detain you and indemnify them, but it requires they exchange your info with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) which is a backdoor to REAL ID which Arizona nullified in 2005.

You can be stopped for a civil offense, not even a criminal offense. And your information is added to the fed database. You could be stopped because they suspect you "will commit" a crime- so now we prosecute pre-crime?

And if you think this couldn't happen, ask yourself why RICO, written to quash organized crime, is being used to confiscate cars and property from individual misdemeanor offenders and then that property sold by the police for revenue ( They get a big cut of that).

Why is the fed using the Antiquities Act of 1906, not to save a discreet and distinct archeological site like the Casa Grande Ruins, but to condemn 10 million acres all over the west and the water and mineral rights with it?

All levels of our government have become increasingly more abusive of Individual Rights, using more intimidation to keep us from speaking out, listening to us less and exerting their own agenda.

Bad Legislation never goes away. You didn't want to see Obamacare's version of healthcare reform get passed with promises to fix it later, you shouldn't want to see this bill pass either.

Of course I do not support illegal immigration, but this bill sets up the potential for harassment of citizens and an exchange of your personal information with homeland security. It's a very short step to the IRS and Department of Health and Human Resources from there.

I am not willing to give up Liberty for Security, you will get neither. And that's why I have the Second Amendment.

Having just spent some time with the Minutemen, I know that, because economic opportunity is no longer a draw; many illegals immigrants have left and border crossing today is way, way down. Seems to me this lull is the best time to secure the border and leave the citizens alone.

Yes there are still some here, but this bill does far more damage to the rights of citizens than it does to remove illegal aliens.

This needs an emphatic NO support. Do not be fooled. DO not take "Trust Me" as an answer from the government. VOTE NO on HB2632 and NO on SB1070

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