Please help us get vote fraud bill across the finish line!

Fellow Patriots and Friends,
This will be THE most important email I will write so far this year. If you have ever heard me talk about vote fraud, and if you have ever come up to me and said, "Brad, what can I do to help?" then this is the time, this is the moment, and we may never have as good a chance to do something positive as we do right this minute.
I am asking, begging, and pleading with you to stop whatever you are doing and right this moment place a phonecall. It will determine whether we get vote fraud reform / election integrity bills through the Arizona State Legislature this year, and maybe for several years!
Let me explain. The Tea Party Vote Fraud Task Force, which I co-chair along with Jennifer Wright, has worked very hard to get a couple of reform bills introduced in this session. Rep. Jeff Dial has a bill that is going to move forward as an amendment. Rep. Carl Seel has a bill that needs to be placed as an amendment. (We are working on that!)
Sen. Don Shooter is about to get his bill out of the Senate and it will now move over to the House side to be heard in Committee and voted on.
This is where YOU come in. Sen. Shooter's bill is an excellent bill that we can support wholeheartedly. But in order to be sure that it will get voted on by the House, it must pass Committee. The decision as to what Committee will hear the bill falls into Speaker Kirk Adams' hands. And that decision is critical. It can determine whether a bill moves forward or is left behind.
Once we get a hearing on a bill, we can amend it and make it better. But FIRST we have to get it HEARD by committee!
Here is the plan: We need you to call - and I do mean CALL, Fax AND email Speaker Adams and firmly ask that he assign Sen. Shooter's bill into the Government Committee to be heard. The Chairperson for Government Committee is Rep. Judy Burges. We stand a much better chance of getting the bill scheduled to be heard and passed in her committee than in Judiciary.
Here is how to contact Speaker Kirk Adams:
Phone 602-926-5495
Fax: 602-417-3019
We need you to burn up the phone lines NOW! Shut down the switchboard!! Speaker Adams is not impressed with the "Tea Party" so we need to muster MASSIVE support and let him know we are here, we are watching, we are engaged and we want this bill heard in the Government Committee where it will not be deep-sixed!
Here is an example of what to say when you call:
"Hello! This is em>your name> and I am a member of the Tea Party Vote Fraud Task Force. I am calling to ask that Speaker Adams assign Sen. Shooter's bill - Number SB-1412, to be heard in the Government Committee. We are aware that the House Judiciary Committee has refused to address the issue of Ballot Integrity, and this is unacceptable to us. As citizens we want our elections to be free, fair, open, honest, and accountable, and fraud threatens to steal our votes and keep our voices from being counted. Please tell the Speaker that I called and I will be watching to see that Sen. Shooter's bill is heard by the Government Committee. Thank you!"
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a Precinct Committeeman, please add that to your conversation (above) as it carries greater weight with elected officials. If you are the Chairman of a District, or hold office in your District, make sure you mention that fact as well.
AFTER you make this quick, painless, easy phonecall, then you can write a letter and email it, and Fax it to the Speaker's office. We need him to hear us LOUD and CLEAR - but politely!! We need to overwhelm him and his staff until he assigns this bill properly.
Next, pass this email along to your email buddies, and add your personal note to ask they do the same. Also post this information to your Facebook page and ask people to call, write, and Fax the Speaker. We MUST be heard!
Please do not let up! Keep calling, Faxing and emailing until you hear from me to stop. I am working with various parties on different levels and I will be in touch with them to monitor progress.
Finally, I want to ask a personal favor. Rep. Carl Seel has been of tremendous help to us on this issue. He deserves our thanks. While you are calling, and emailing, would you also phone Rep. Seel's office (his Assistant is Tammy - a very nice person!) and express your thanks for all the work he has done on this issue? It would be of enormous benefit, and will encourage one of our conservative legislators to continue to help us out with causes we all care about. He needs to know we are out here, and we can muster many voices when we need to!
Rep. Carl Seel
That is the plan. This is the time. We MUST move NOW. Opportunity knocks and we cannot wait. If this does not happen in this session, we will have very little chance of it getting through the next session when we are in a Presidential election year. We believe we have the votes to get this to the Governor for her signature but we must act together and in MASSIVE strength.
I spent the weekend of the Tea Party Patriots Summit in Phoenix talking to the good folks from Harris County (Houston) Texas about their group the King Street Patriots, and their vote fraud organization, True The Vote .com
They are proposing 22 pieces of legislative action in Texas. They have someone to carry each and every one of their agenda items in the Legislature there. Arizona and Texas have been very good friends to each other as of late.
In the friendliest of ways, let's show Texas that Arizona can continue to lead the way. Let's get our bills across the finish line! Go to your phone RIGHT NOW and make a difference. Protests are great. Chanting is cathartic. But, this is where the rubber meets the road. We have an election coming up that will determine the future of this nation and whether we will survive to pass on Liberty to our heirs.
If the other side is allowed to game the elections system, steal or diminish or negate our votes, we will be plunged into a vortex we may never get out of in our lifetimes. Voter fraud cuts across all demographics. Americans want, deserve, and believe in government from the bottom up and not from the top down.
Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Republicans, and Independents - make your voices heard. Call Speaker Adams and convince him that where this bill is heard MATTERS! Sen. Shooter's bill SB 1412 is a good step forward and the effects will make a difference. Ladies and Gentlemen, mount your steeds:
In Liberty,
Brad Zinn, Co-Chair
Jennifer Wright, Co-Chair
Tea Party Vote Fraud Task Force

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Comment by Brad Zinn on March 10, 2011 at 10:16pm
Friends and Patriots!
SB1412 has now (as of late afternoon 03/08) been assigned to be heard in Committee. It will be heard on the House side in the Rules Committee and the Judiciary Committee.
Now, before you say this is a defeat, or a failure, please understand that it is definitely NOT a defeat or a failure in ANY way. In the process of learning how this "sausage making" process of getting a bill over the finish line works, we discovered that whatever committees hear a bill on one side of the Legislature, it is normally assigned to the SAME committees on the other side. This is, to repeat, normal.
The fact that it WILL be given a hearing is FAR better than having the Speaker fail to assign it at all, thereby effectively killing the bill. And, our inside sources say that it is favorably viewed at this moment, with a good chance at passage.
Therefore, it is time to stand down and wait. I know this will be hard for some, but it is absolutely necessary and proper. We have let them hear us at the Capitol. They KNOW we are here. YOU were an awesome, effective force. Jennifer and I want to congratulate and thank you most sincerely. It was an incredible demonstration of organization. I dare say we might have shut the phones down at the Capitol!
Now, we must wait and see.
We will notify you of when the bill will be scheduled for a hearing (on which calendar and when) and let you know what we can do at that time that will be most effective. At this point we have done well. Let's not do anything right now to jeopardize our chances at getting the bill to the full House for a vote.
Thank you again, and stand by!!
Brad Zinn
Jennifer Wright
Tea Party Vote Fraud Task Force
Comment by Mark Pentecost on March 4, 2011 at 2:20pm
I made the CALL, and I made the point!!!  As a Poll Worker last Nov. 2, 2010 - I heard AT LEAST (40) Voters commet about their LACK OF FAITH in our AZ voting process.  This important issue MUST be addressed!
Comment by Moxie on March 4, 2011 at 1:59pm
I'm on it!
Comment by Karen Szatkowski on March 4, 2011 at 11:42am
Done on my part!!!  :)

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