Dr. Cristina Beato, Jeff Flake, Richard Carmona, Press Release

Before you vote for John S. McCain Jr. - Jeffery Lane Flake, review Dr. Cristina Beato’s resume/past and ask yourself, is the McCain Progressive Machine so desperate as to throw caution aside and go with the Beato angle, an individual who is compromised. Jeff Flake’s (Andrew Wilder) campaign doubled down on Press Releases on Sonoran Alliance when they should have folded and the Flake campaign trash Beato’s commercial given what they failed to scrub off the net as detailed below.    

In 2010 it was all about getting rid of McCain, anyone but McCain – Jeff Flake is McCain’s PROGRESSIVE replacement so for me, a constitutional conservative, my vote goes to Carmona to rid McCain’s seed from congress. It’s about principals that demand getting rid of McCain.


October 13, 2012 By Press Release  37 Comments

Facts Don’t Support Richard Carmona’s Claim

That Tensions Were Result of Reform READ MORE 

Jeff Flake

Carmona’s abuse of travel and staff was at heart of disagreements 

PHOENIX – In response to testimony from Dr. Cristina Beato, former Acting Assistant Secretary of Health at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Richard Carmona has lashed out and tried to discredit her.

Carmona claims: “I refused to politicize science, and that’s what the issue really is here” (KPNX, 10/11/12). But that’s not what the issue is.

On May 22, 2012 the Associated Press reported that “Emails that The Associated Press obtained through the Freedom of Information Act reinforce that there were tensions within HHS about where Carmona should go and what groups he should address. One email noted that Carmona made 19 trips in the first six months after taking office, 12 of them with stops inArizona, San Diego or both. ‘I think we have a real problem here,’ HHS employee Hal Thompson wrote.” Carmona owns homes in Arizona and San Diego.

Dr. Beato reiterated her testimony to Politico: “In the interview with POLITICO, Beato stood by her 2007 testimony. Beato said one of the issues that led to a midnight visit by Carmona involved his wish to visit the University of California, San Francisco, his alma mater, to receive an honorary degree. Beato alleged that Carmona wanted to pay for the trip using government funds, which she refused to allow.

“Not only does Richard Carmona not have the temperament to serve in the United States Senate, his refusal to be straight with voters raises serious questions about his honesty as well,” said Andrew Wilder, communications director for Flake for Senate.

On Thursday, the Flake campaign began airing an ad statewide on broadcast and cable featuring the personal testimony of Dr. Cristina Beato, who served as Acting Assistant Secretary of Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services from 2003 to 2005. Dr. Beato recounts the night that Dr. Carmona angrily slammed on herdoor in the middle of the night in a rage to continue an argument that he started earlier that day.

A Spanish-language version of the ad is airing on Telemundo and Univision. Click this link to view the Spanish version: http://youtu.be/asPwBdD4hxU.

Background on Richard Carmona’s History of Confrontation

Dr. Cristina Beato Testified To Congress In 2007 About An Incident In Which She Felt Threatened By Richard Carmona 

During His Surgeon General Tenure, Carmona’s Boss, Cristina Beato, Alleged That... READ MORE 


  1. Conservative American says:

    …and about Dr. Cristina Beato…

    “ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A doctor who lost her bid for a high-level federal job amid allegations she padded her resume and denied medical care to immigrants, which she refutes, wants to return to work at the University of New Mexico.”

    “Dr. Cristina Beato, a former UNM School of Medicine administrator, has been on unpaid leave since 2001, when she started a stint at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”


    Beato Has A History Of Ethical Problems, Including Falsifying Her Resume.

    Beato also has a history of ethical problems, proven and substantiated by independent reporting, including extensive inaccuracies in her resume that derailed her nomination as permanent Assistant Secretary for Health. The Washington Post reported that at “several institutions listed on Beato’s résumé, officials said they could find no evidence of her service,” and former colleagues “disputed assertions she made, saying at a minimum she had puffed up her role in several projects.” After her nomination died, Beato continued to live in government-subsidized housing for senior officials, even taking advantage of this perk for five months after leaving government service. She only left her subsidized housing once her presence was uncovered by the Washington Post.

    So, what has Dr. Cristina Beato been up to since she’s been out of government?

    “Beato currently serves as the chief medical officer for the firm, Ernst & Young.”


    Ernst and Young? Good people!

    “Ernst & Young Partners Convicted of Tax Fraud”

    “New York (May 11, 2009)”

    “By WebCPA Staff”

    “Two current and two former Ernst & Young partners were found guilty of tax fraud and conspiracy charges related to tax shelters.”


    Looks like Dr. Beato found a good outfit to work for!

    “Bally Total Fitness”

    “In December 2009, Ernst & Young agreed to pay an $8.5 million fine – one of the highest settlements ever paid by an accounting firm – to the Securities and Exchange Commission for its work auditing the books of Bally Total Fitness. The firm agreed to an order that it cease and desist from violating securities laws. Six partners were also sanctioned by the commission and barred from auditing public companies.”

    Nice going, Dr. Beato! Great outfit you’re associated with! Now what was that you were saying about Richard Carmona?

  2. Conservative American says:

    Now, let’s hear from a WOMAN who knows BOTH Cristina Beato AND Dr. Carmona!

    “Jennifer Cabe, a former colleague of both Beato and Carmona at HHS, defended Carmona at a press conference today. She denied Beato’s claim that Carmona has problems with women.”

    “Cabe, the executive director of the Canyon Ranch Institute, where Carmona serves with her as a board member, called Beato’s allegations “100 percent false.”

    “Dr. Cristina Beato isn’t credible. Dr. Beato frequently tried to alter reports, remarks and speeches out of the office of the surgeon general when Dr. Carmona was the surgeon general in an effort to twist science to fit a political agenda. Her political agenda,” Cabe said. “I’ve worked with Dr. Carmona for 10 years, and in that time he has shown himself to be a true leader. He is kind. He is compassionate toward everyone in every walk of life. And he’s a pleasure to work with.”


    Oooooh! So according to another WOMAN, Jennifer Cabe, who knows both Cristina Beato AND Dr. Carmona and worked with BOTH of them at HHS, Beato’s statements are “100 percent false” and Beato has her own “political agenda”!

    This entire “Press Release” is, as Yogi Berra would say, “Deja vu all over again!” It’s the same smear tactics and character assassination which Liberals employed when they trotted out Anita Hill in an attempt to torpedo the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination! What does that tell us about how “Conservative” Jeff Flake and his gang are?

  3. Conservative American says:

    Now, let’s take a REAL CLOSE look at the credibility of Dr. Cristina V. Beato!

    “Cristina V. Beato was named last July as assistant secretary of health, one of the top policy officials at the Department of Health and Human Services, but has yet to explain several discrepancies regarding her credentials. These include claims that she served as medical attache at the U.S. Embassy in Turkey, received a master’s degree in public health from the University of Wisconsin, “established” an occupational health clinic at the University of New Mexico and published a scientific paper on inert gases.”

    “At several institutions listed on Beato’s résumé, officials said they could find no evidence of her service, while former colleagues at the University of New Mexico and an affiliated hospital in Albuquerque disputed assertions she made, saying at a minimum she had puffed up her role in several projects.”

    “Former colleagues in Albuquerque were most surprised by Beato’s assertions that she was “one of the principal leaders who revolutionized medical education in American universities by implementing the Problem Based Learning curriculum.” The curriculum was developed while Beato was in medical school.”

    “That’s an exaggeration,” said Gary Rosenberg, chairman of the neurology department at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, the university’s hospital system.”

    “In several instances, Beato’s résumé is vague. Under professional experience, she lists “medical consultant” at the Technical-Vocational Institute and Presbyterian Senior Health Spectrum in Albuquerque and a 12-year relationship with the Sheet Metal Workers in Washington. None of the organizations has any record on Beato, nor do officials at the State Department, who said they have never heard term “medical attache.”

    “Under educational experience, Beato lists: “successful candidate, occupational medicine, MPH (master’s of public health), University of Wisconsin, 1995.” A university spokeswoman said the school does not offer such a degree.”

    “Yet even Beato’s friends said it appears that she gave herself extra credit on her résumé.”

    “At the All Faiths Receiving Home in Albuquerque, Executive Director Steve Johnson praised Beato as a dedicated volunteer physician who provided basic care to the abused and neglected. But she was not the medical director, as her résumé states, he added.”

    “William Wiese, director of the Institute for Public Health at the University of New Mexico, said it was inaccurate for Beato to say she had “established” the school’s occupational health clinic. “The clinic existed before she was hired. There was another medical director before her,” he said.”

    “Similarly, he said, Beato’s description of the clinic as a “one-stop comprehensive care for 13,000 employees” is an exaggeration. But Wiese said Beato was a good administrator and teacher.”


    “Exaggerations”, degrees that don’t exist, postions that don’t exist, references to employers who never heard of her, claims of estabishing a clinic which existed BEFORE she was hired, her claim of being a medical director refuted by her employer!

    Is THIS what the Flake campaign thinks is going to hurt Dr. Richard Carmona?

    Guess what, Flake campaign, you just self-destructed, LOL! ;-)

    • zoo says:

      This is unbelievabe. Great research, CA!

      • Conservative American says:

        Thanks a lot, zoo! I really did work long and hard to find THAT one!

        It’s obvious that the Flake campaign is making good use of professional search engine optimization services. Any search about Beato will immediately bring up Flake’s propaganda.

        It also appers that the internet was well scrubbed before the Flake campaign went public with the Beato ads. However, it is impossible to scrub EVERYTHING! You just have to be presistent and keep searching under an ever-widening circle of related subjects.

        I don’t think that the Flake campaign will have a lot of luck making that link dead because it is from a major newspaper. If they do, however, I have the entire article at the ready.

        Let’s see if we can get the link and/or the most pertinent “busts” circulating around! ;-)

        • JPD says:


          As you may have seen on television, Congressman Jeff Flake has taken Arizona’s Senate race into the gutter.

          Multiple media outlets called Congressman Flake’s approval of a highly discredited and 100% untrue political hit job on Rich “ruthless” and “sleazy.” They’ve also noted that these personal attacks only “began as Carmona appeared to gain momentum” in this race.

          Why level such a deceitful bomb on Arizonans, you ask?

          Well, early ballots just started to hit mailboxes – and just yesterday – another public poll was released showing Rich 4-points ahead of Congressman Flake. It’s the 3rd poll in ten days that shows Rich in the lead. It also comes on the heels of polling that shows Rich winning 75% of the Latino vote in Arizona!

          So we are issuing a “Fact Check” on this “Flaked Claim” so you can see how desperate Congressman Flake and his friends in Washington have become.

          Alexis Tameron
          Campaign Manager



          FLAKED ISSUE: Congressman Flake’s campaign ad titled “Never, ever”

          FLAKED AD CLAIM: Congressman Flake unleashed an attack ad narrated by Dr. Cristina V. Beato, a former political appointee in the Bush administration. She was Rich’s supervisor at the time he was Surgeon General and now claims that “[Rich] has issues with anger, with ethics, and with women.”

          I’m Jeff Flake and I approve this message. “There was an angry pounding on the door, in the middle of the night. I’m a single mom. I feared for my kids and for myself. It was Richard Carmona and I was his boss. Carmona is not who he seems. He has issues with anger, with ethics and with women. I have testified to this under oath to Congress. Richard Carmona should never, ever be in the U.S. Senate.”

          FLAKED RATING: 4-flakes = Total Snow Job!

          THE TRUTH:

          These allegations are 100% false and 100% uncorroborated. These allegations were never made or reported to anyone until after Rich blew the whistle on the Bush Administration’s attempts to politicize science when he was Surgeon General. In fact, throughout his Rich’s term, members of Congressman Flake’s party tried to recruit Rich to run for office as a Republican.

          What Congressman Flake does not tell you is that throughout Rich’s term as Surgeon General, local and national Republican Party leaders – including Governor Brewer and Sen. Jon Kyl – tried to recruit Rich to run for Congress and for Governor, offering only praise and professing no concern over any so-called temperament issues.

          What Congressman Flake does not tell you is that these allegations were never made or reported until after Dr. Carmona testified to Congress about the politicization of science by Bush Administration officials in the office of the Surgeon General – which was over a year after he left Washington.

          What Congressman Flake does not tell you is the House Oversight and Investigations committee questioned Dr. Beato’s credibility. While accusing Rich of “not being a team player” while he was Surgeon General, she contradicted herself multiple times in testimony given to congressional investigators and provided absolutely no evidence to back up her claims.

          THE FACTS [Sourced]:

          Republicans Praised, Recruited Carmona to Run for Office. Then-Secretary of State Jan Brewer was among a “small contingent of Republican leaders” who urged Carmona “consider stepping down early and run as a Republican for Congress.” Sen. Jon Kyl also confirmed supporting Carmona, urging him to run for Governor, until Carmona “criticized” and later blew the whistle on the Bush Administration. [AP, 9/10/12]

          HHS Officials: “Beato Was Widely Seen Within The Department As Trying To Advance Conservative Agendas.” In the aftermath of Carmona’s testimony to House Oversight, the New York Times interviewed “more than a half-dozen former top health officials.” The Times reported that, “Dr. Beato was widely seen within the department as trying to advance conservative agendas,” according to the statements of officials they interviewed. [NY Times, 7/12/07]

          Beato Colleague: Beato Has An “Authoritarian” Decision-Making Style That Caused Friction. The Albuquerque Journal reported that some hospital officials criticized Dr. Beato: “I think she’s very polarizing,” Dr. David Bennahum an emeritus UNM physician who chaired UNM’s ethics committee from 1989 to 1996. “She holds strong conservative views in health care, and that can be divisive in a university.” [Albuquerque Journal, 8/21/12]

          Credibility Questioned by Committee Investigators. Rep. Henry Waxman, who oversaw the congressional investigation into HHS, said his committee was aware of Beato’s allegations but could not confirm them. “We interviewed other individuals who knew both of them and reviewed additional information and serious questions were raised about her credibility,” Waxman said in a statement. [Politico, 5/21/12]

          No Complaint Ever Filed, No Corroborating Evidence Ever Produced. According to Politico sources, at the time of the investigation, Beato “did not file a police report or formal complaint against [Carmona], and there was no independent way to corroborate” anything she claimed. [Politico, 5/21/12]


          • JPD says:

            And there you have it: no police report (was no threat) no pounding on the door in the middle of the night – maybe footsteps on the sidewalk and a wacko imagination.

            And there you have it: credibility questioned aka imagination at work.

            And there you have it: a resume injected with botox aka ladder climber………..?

            Fake Check tally: 4-flakes = total snow job……….. ROTFLMAO@ snow job.

        • Conservative American says:

          A genuinely “Conservative agenda” would be fine with me, but there was nothing “Conservative” about it! George W. Bush wanted to see Flake’s STRIVE Act, or similar legislation, pass Congress! That was where congressional Republicans were much more Conservative than Bush, opposing amnesty legislation. At the same time, Conservative Republicans didn’t want to see illegals coming here and getting free health care, and other benefits, at U. S. taxpayer expense!

          It seems that Cristina Beato, however, went about attempting to curtail health care services in her own, unilateral, typically authoritarian and ill-advised manner rather than allowing Congress to set the terms. She seems to have particularly had it in for Hispanics, which is odd considering that Beato was born in Cuba and didn’t come to the U. S. until she was 14! Perhaps she feels that Cubans are a “superior” people or maybe she just brought a “Fidel Castro” attitude with her!

    • Pascoe Vale says:

      The person posting as ‘Conservative American’ is a fraud and a Democrat plant.

      • Conservative American says:

        Hi ‘ya, Pascoe! How ‘ya doin? Was starting to miss ‘ya! ;-)

        Looks like the ICE agents haven’t gotten you… yet, LOL!

        You and Horst Kraus still hanging out in the buff at Shangri La Ranch?

        Have a real nice day, Pinko! :-)

    • Conservative American says:

      Cristina Beato has had a lot to say about the temperament and character of Dr. Carmona. Let’s hear what Cristina Beato’s professional colleagues have to say about HER temperament and character!

      “I don’t think she’s a bad person, but I think she’s very polarizing,” Dr. David Bennahum said of Beato. Bennahum is an emeritus UNM physician who said he got to know Beato when he chaired UNM’s ethics committee from 1989 to 1996.”

      “Beato has an “authoritarian” decision-making style that caused friction with many faculty members, he said Friday.”


      “Polarizing”! “Authoritarian!” “…caused FRICTION with MANY faculty members…!”

      Beato’s professional colleague, Dr. David Bennahum, states that it was Beato who CAUSED the friction! Did she CAUSE friction with Dr. Carmona as well? ‘Ya think?

  4. Patiopattie says:

    it appears that the only thing Flake can think of, to express his dismay at losing, is a little character assassination.

    • Conservative American says:

      Tell it like it is! I just loathe that sort of thing! It’s “drity” and it doesn’t address the issues. Those who engage in this sort of low-life tactic prove themselves to be desperate and ethically and morally challenged!

  5. JPD says:

    Cindy McCainVerified‏@CindyhM1

    @SenJohnMcCain and I are host a fundraiser tomorrow for @FlakeforSenate @JeffFlake. He will make a great Senator for AZ!


    @CindyhM1 @SenJohnMcCain @FlakeforSenate @JeffFlake make it a Flake aka McMcCain Progressive Machine retirement party http://sonoranalliance.com/2012/10/13/facts-dont-support-richard-ca...

    • Conservative American says:

      Yeah! Way to go, JPD! :-)

      Man, it sure took a LOT of work and a LOT of searching to finally find the dope on Dr. Cristina Beato! They REALLY scrubbed the internet GOOD! It’s like she doesn’t exist except for Flake’s propaganda and some references to positions she has held! They’re BUSTED CLEAN now though, LOL!

      Someone’s head is going to roll at the Flake campaign for failing to catch that link to the Washington Post story! Clearly, the facts about her pattern of exaggeration and fabrication were NEVER supposed to see the light of day once that ad ran.

      Can you say, “Egg on my face”, Jeff? :-)

  6. Conservative American says:



    1 – In October 2006, the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington-based non-profit organization which advocates better transparency in government, reported that Flake’s campaign committee paid his wife $15,750 for fundraising and administrative work during 2005-2006.

    2 – In 2007, Democrat Senate Whip Dick Durbin made multiple attempts to get the DREAM Act illegal alien amnesty passed by Congress. That same year, Jeff Flake co-authored the STRIVE Act which contained, HIDDEN WITHIN IT, word for word, Dick Durbin’s DREAM Act!


    1 – When Jeff Flake first ran for Congres, he pledged to Arizona voters that he would serve only three terms in the House. When confronted with that pledge, upon seeking a fourth term, Flake stated, “I lied!” No one accused Flake of lying. Flake himself stated, “I lied!”

    2 – During his debate with Dr. Richard Carmona, Jeff Flake said that he would not sign the no-tax pledge from Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform. “The only pledge I’d sign is a pledge to sign no more pledges,” Flake said. But Norquist’s group says that Flake ALREADY SIGNED the pledge! Here is a link to Americans for Tax Reform’s list of signers of “The Taxpayer Protection Pledge”. You will see that Jeff Flake is listed as having signed that pledge:



    • Pascoe Vale says:

      The person posting as ‘Conservative American’ is a fraud and a plant.

      • Conservative American says:

        Hi, Sweetie! :-)

        I finally figured out why you repeat yourself. It’s because you don’t have a very good command of the English language. You only know a few phrases in English like, “Food stamps”, LOL!

        You and Horst Kraus having fun in the buff at Shangri La Ranch? Play your cards right and maybe he’ll “haberdasher” you!

        Have a nice day, Pinko! ;-)

      • Conservative American says:


  7. azcowpoke says:

    I wish Flake would get MAD about
    +Creating jobs
    +Reducing health care costs
    +Helping the middle class
    +Supporting AZ programs (not pork) but in general

    • Conservative American says:

      That’s like saying, “I wish my pig were a horse!” That simply isn’t who Jeff Flake is, azcowpoke! ;-)

      THAT is why so many of we registered Republicans here are very unhappy that the Republican Party is running Jeff Flake for U. S. Senate! With his STRIVE Act, which contained hidden within it the DREAM Act illegal alien amnesty legislation, Flake has shown that he isn’t even in tune with Arizona voters on the major state issue of illegal immigration! Duh! How much more of an Arizona hot button issue could there be! For years Arizona has been taking the brunt of the illegal alien invasion. Flake isn’t even clear on that one!

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    McFlake cannot campaign on his RINO McRecord, so he puts forth media falsehoods for the gullible. This is a carbon copy of the McAmnesty primary campaign of 2010, in which the silver McSnake spent $23 million on his media attacks, ignoring his own McRecord and lying about his conservative opponent.

    Oh, yes, that’s what McFlake has just done in his McPrimary against a conservative Republican. The tactics never change with this crowd, only the McNames.

    Here is another issue to consider. The National Pro-Life Alliance sent a 10-question Candidate Survey to every candidate for federal office in the country, including AZ. Only three “R” candidates from AZ refused to respond: McFlake, McMcSally and McGosar. Hmmmmm, how ‘bout that? Maybe none of their McViews fit the GOP platform??

    God bless America.

    • zoo says:

      I agree Leo. The Hayworth-McCain and the Cardon-Flake contests immediately come to mind. While the McMachine is a lying, vicious, racketering, festering boil on the butt of Arizona politics, you still have to blame the starched-shorts, heel clicking, goosestepping Republican voters in the state. The country club and Hoveround-jockeying mongoloids are the life support for the cancerous, dirty tactics of the McMachine.

      Flake’s media blitz continues to say “Carmona will take his orders from Obama.”

      So Flake is saying he EXPECTS Romney/Ryan to LOSE; that the entire control of Washington rides on Flake’s election. Arizona Republican voters have effectively taken illegal immigration OUT of the race for the Senate seat, and for that reason alone I would vote against THEM. And every GOP-leaning Arizona voter who feels that the PARTY has done a 180 on illegal immigration should do the very same.

      The party has pro-illegal bastards like Jerry Lewis, Bob Worsley, and now even Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, sucking the teat of a stand down, amnesty, and surrender to the plague from Mexico. ALL of this started in March 2011 when nine Republican state senators killed immigration bills at the command of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

      Vote AGAINST Steve Pierce in LD 1 for state senate*
      Vote AGAINST Nancy Barto in LD 15 for state senate*
      Vote AGAINST Rich Crandall in LD 16 for state senate*
      Vote AGAINST John McComish in LD 18 for state senate*
      Vote AGAINST Bob Worsley in LD 25 for state senate
      Vote AGAINST Jerry Lewis in LD 26 for state senate
      Vote AGAINST Adam Driggs in LD 28 for state senate*

      * These Republican state senators are incumbents, and in March 2011 they collapsed under direct orders from Glenn Hamer, Cindy McCain, and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. At the COMMAND of cheap-illegal labor corporations, these senators killed 5 immigration bills without blinking an eye.

      Are YOU going to let the Arizona Chamber of Commerce run our state government? Are YOU going to let Arizona Republican party heel clickers take our state BACKWARDS in the fight against illegal immigration? Stop it NOW!

      • JPD says:

        Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery Endorses Jeff Flake for Senate.

        “or did I misread what Montgomery (an attorney) is saying? Both know “the consequences” and what “law enforcement needs to do”. Are they saying they, AS LAW MAKERS, need to change the laws to achieve their(apparently) agreed upon agenda?” http://patriothq.com/2012/05/04/maricopa-county-attorney-bill-montg...

        Several State Reps didn’t make it past their primaries, whould that be called an early out?

        Notice Joe stayed away from Flake.

  9. Hagar says:

    Carmona and Flake: Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dummer.

  10. Conservative American says:

    The above Flake “Press Release” states:

    “Dr. Cristina Beato: “Dr. Carmona Also Had A Very Difficult Time Having A Female Hispanic Supervisor.”

    Really? Dr. Carmona himself is of Puerto Rican descent! Beato is trying to play the race card and drive Hispanic voters away from Dr. Carmona. But what is Beato’s record with regard to Hispanic people?

    “A 2004 Washington Post article about Beato’s nomination focused on a 1999 decision by UNMH to halt medical care for a 16-year-old Mexican girl who fell into a coma and delivered a baby by Caesarean section.”

    “UNMH tried to send Maribel Miramontes Loya to Mexico for care, but Mexican officials denied permission for the plane to enter Mexican air space. Loya died in an Albuquerque convalescent center in 2000.”

    “Critics at the time alleged that Beato, then-associate dean of clinical affairs at the School of Medicine, played a key role in transferring Loya out of UNMH. Loya’s family filed a lawsuit ending in a settlement that cost state taxpayers $200,000.”


    But that isn’t the ONLY incident of this kind involving Cristina Beato!

    “In another episode, lawyer Lauro D. Silva said he took a neighbor having kidney failure to the hospital. When they arrived, Silva said, Beato came to the emergency room and told them in Spanish that Rafael Paz did not qualify for care and had to leave “or she would call the police.” After Silva threatened legal action, Beato relented, agreeing to give Paz one dialysis treatment if he signed a form promising never to return. Silva said Paz died in Mexico a few months later.”


    Nice work, Dr. Beato! A 16-year-old Hispanic girl is dead! Your actions resulted in a lawsuit which was settled with $200,000 of state taxpayer money! Who is it who has a problem with “Hispanic females”?

  11. JPD says:

    Yesterday putting up write-in campaign signs (LD13) a twit announced this blog post. There were 2 comments and 17 votes resulting in a one star rating, get the hint Wilder? Those votes are not democrats rather repubs expressing their disapproval.

    Really there is no other way to say it, Jeffery Lane Flake’s Campaign Communications Director ANDREW WILDER is a complete failure who will have a hard time finding a job………

    Wilder attempting to Re-Do the October 11 blog post……… “Dr. Cristina Beato: “Richard Carmona Should Never, Ever Be in the U.S. Senate”” http://sonoranalliance.com/2012/10/11/dr-cristina-beato-richard-car...: trying to carry forth Dr. Cristina Beato……. (Facts Don’t Support Richard Carmona’s Claim That Tensions Were Result of Reform http://sonoranalliance.com/2012/10/13/facts-dont-support-richard-ca...) ……… just put the last nail in his bosses coffin – with Conservative American representing our dissent as the hammer.

    Flake’s (McMcCain Progressive Machine) campaign bluntly affirms that the GOP reLIES on IGNORANCE. Listen up you morons, We The People are coming after you, even as you ‘Flake’ participate in passing laws against us, to protect you and your pathetic kind from us you complicit smiley punk. You have no respect coming as its earned not bestowed.

    Learn to research people, make it fun – go down that rabbit hole into the maze, make the time commitment and when you come out….. somewhere, you have the facts to confront. Good job Conservative American. And remember, save it with screen shots and pdf copies as they, the politicians are actively sweeping the web more and more.

    This Beato thing is real simple to me: she failed as a mother to protect her children by not calling the police meaning it can be assumed that there actually was no threat. Beato also failed to exercise her right and duty to manage a subordinate, Carmona, by failing to initiate corrective and/or disciplinary measures to a “THREAT” in a timely manner, let alone doing it at all. Again, it can be assumed that there was no perceived threat.

    Everything in this blog post that is negative towards Carmona is SUBJECTIVE after the fact. Example: “• Dr. Cristina Beato: “He Was An Extremely Angry Person. And He Would Walk Out The Door And Put On A Smile. I Have Never Seen Such Dysfunctionality In My Life.”” (How did Beato know Carmona put a smile on his face when he walked out the door?) He’s an administrator, he’s supposed to have a FREAKING SMILE on his face in the face of adversity – and that would be you BEATO.

    The above statement tells all to me (taking into account all her quoted statements in this blog) Beato is deflecting her hang-ups upon Carmona: second Beato doesn’t get it, being an administrator your emotions are not in the mix – check them at the door: third Beato offered no documentation (in giving testimony) such as a journal, diary or ‘personnel records’ to support her comments, feelings, concerns that which is a dysfunctionality trait in and of itself – DO YOUR JOB rather than DOING your resume.

    Beato said…… “‘I Think Any Normal Woman, When Somebody Comes In At Midnight Demanding And Raising Their Voice, Would Feel Threatened,” With Her Two Children Inside, Beato “Refused To Open The Door Because She Was Frightened Of His Behavior.”

    Bottom line BEATO’S LACK OF ACTION AS A MOM AND ADMINISTRATOR while claiming threat, tells the true story – it’s a story by a progressive wacko pimping for a job with a deflated resume.

    BEATO is nothing more than another POLITICAL PROSTITUTE, much like (in my opinion) Bob Branch Arizona LD 13 Chair selling his soul for the House Seat Mitchell will be denied by what appears to be fraud by the AZGOP against the voters by denying them a voice. Just like what happened with Judy Burgess’ appointment against the will of the people – tell me I’m wrong AZGOP, tell We The People where I’m wrong AZGOP?

    BLOWBACK big time!

  12. Conservative American says:


    Rep. Jeff Flake has said that his work as a Mormon missionary in Southern Africa in the early 1980s sparked his interest in foreign affairs. But what the Arizona Republican Senate candidate doesn’t often speak about is what he did after returning to the United States. Between 1990 and 1991, Flake was a registered foreign agent for Rossing Uranium, a company which operates a mine in Namibia that is among the world’s largest suppliers of nuclear fuel.

    So? Big deal! What’s the problem?

    The Rossing mine has come under scrutiny for its financial ties to Iran. While the firm Rio Tinto owns 69 percent of the mine, the Iranian Foreign Investment Co., which the Treasury Department describes as a “wholly owned” subsidiary of the Tehran regime, holds a 15 percent stake. Iran has held its share of the company since the 1970s.

    Oh! Nice, Jeff! Iran is pointing a nuclear dagger at the heart of Israel! I guess that this would be part of your expertise and experience in “foreign affairs”!

    • JPD says:

      Congressman Jeff Flake: IMMIGRATES to Comprehensive Economic Sanctions against IRAN
      Posted by JPD on February 11, 2012 at 11:00am

      REFORM, FLIP-FLOP and/or the McCain ELECTION TIME DASH: Congressman Jeff Flake this past November 2011 did it again by sponsoring two House Resolutions that were submitted a week apart:

      H.R. 3439; To require the President to impose sanctions on foreign financial institutions that conduct transactions with the Central Bank of Iran if the President determines that the Central Bank of Iran has engaged in certain transactions relating to the proliferation of chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or support for acts of international terrorism.

      H.R. 3508; Imposition of Economic Sanctions On Foreign Financial Institutions That Conduct Transactions With The Central Bank of Iran.

      Both Resolutions sponsored (written) by Congressman Jeff Flake impose Comprehensive Economic Sanctions on IRAN that he vehemently opposed in June 2010 by voting NAY on H.R. 2194. Take notice that Flake was ONE of TWO Republicans / ONE of EIGHT total that voted NAY on 2194 – the bill passed 408-8.

      Change of heart or ELECTION TIME FLIP-FLOP, why such a reversal, a REFORM concerning IRAN when he claims to be immovable, rock solid and principled? Flake has voted against Iran sanctions going back to 2007 and beyond. So why would Congressman Flake……………. https://phoenixteaparty.ning.com/profiles/blogs/congressman-jeff-fl...

  13. Conservative American says:

    Right on, JPD! You’ve got the goods! ;-)

    Flake has no “principles”. He does what will benefit him personally the most at any given time on any given issue! Obviously, he has been a student of John McCain and learned his lessons well!

    “Flake and McCain: Flip-Flops ‘R Us!”

  14. JPD says:

    Right arm yourself CA, time for some left hooks…….when does yes mean no…… no mean yes……
    Jeff Flake H.R. 5326 VOTES for FUNDING DOJ Lawsuits Against States Trying to Protect Their Borders

    Getting ready to blow the lid off of LD 13, tired of Republican Party Punks who have subverted my party.

    • Conservative American says:

      That’s the correct phrase, JPD, “subverted my party”!

      Jeff Flake has generally been acting in accordance with the LDS Church position on illegal aliens and illegal immigration. That is not surprising since Flake is Mormon!

      Shortly before the Pearce recall election, the LDS Church issued it’s “new” position on illegal aliens and illegal immigration. That position was articulated by Jerry Lewis who replaced Pearce. The demographic which elected Lewis was not “Republicans” but rather Mormons who happened to be registered as Republicans. Now the LDS Church wants to complete the coup by getting Flake elected to the U. S. Senate.

      Mitt Romney is Mormon and has stated that if elected he would not act to rescind the benefits bestowed on illegals by Obama’s executive order implementation of the DREAM Act. However, Romney knows that the implementation of Obama’s order is being contested in court and legal scholars are weighing in with opinions. In addition, Congress will likely have the final say. The LDS Church knows that and that is part of why they want to see Flake in the U. S. Senate!

      Mormons and the LDS Church want cheap labor for their business enterprises here and for agricultural and other enterprises in Utah. There are dollar signs and profit margins behind their claims of compassionate concerns for illegals! Some illegals have converted to Mormonism and then the LDS Church may also reap a tithe from them.

      The LDS agenda doesn’t entirely define Flake but it is certainly part of what defines him!

  15. Jane 001 says:

    The testimony from Beato is VERY damning. Kudos to the Flake team for pulling out the same ammo the McCain crowd often reserves for the primaries.


    All the blog spam above from FAKE ‘Conservative American’ deserves to be deleted. There is something really wrong with a person that acts like this–internet or not.

    • Conservative American says:

      LOL! Do you mean my comments, Jane 001, or the comments of “Pascoe Vale” who calls me a fraud, a phony and a Democrat plant? ;-)

      Yeah, Jane 001. Of course, character assassination is alway repugnant. The only reason people go there is when they feel that they can’t win on the facts and on the issues. The problem that Flake faces is that Carmona is so superior in both character and accomplishments. Flake is seeking to take Carmona down a peg in people’s eyes. Unfortunately for the Flake campaign, they picked the wrong person to do that in Dr. Cristina Beato!

      Think about what Flake is facing in Dr. Richard Carmona!

      Dr. Carmona enlisted in the military. Jeff Flake never served.

      Dr. Carmona went to war and was in combat. Flake was busy going on Mormon missions and lobbying.

      Dr. Carmona was awarded two Bronze Stars. Flake was booted off the House Judiciary Committee by fellow Republicans for “bad behavior”.

      Dr. Carmona is an M. D. and was Surgeon General of The United States. Jeff Flake has been a career politician who broke his pledge to serve only three terms in the House.

      Dr. Carmona was a SWAT Team leader in civilian life. Jeff Flake led the effort to get the DREAM Act illegal alien amnesty passed by Congress by hiding it within his STRIVE Act.

      I mean, what can Flake come up with to compete with THIS?

      “While continuing his medical career, Rich’s call to service led him to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department in which he has served for more than 25 years as a deputy sheriff, detective, department surgeon and SWAT Team Leader. In 1992, he rappelled from a helicopter to rescue a paramedic stranded on a mountainside when their medevac helicopter crashed during a snow storm, inspiring a made-for-TV movie. In the course of his service, Rich received the National Top Cop Award and was named the National SWAT Officer of the Year.”

      Jeff Flake is simply outclassed by Dr. Richard Carmona in every way!

  16. JPD says:

    Jane 001, so you are advocating suppression of free speech by demanding CA’s comments be “deleted”.

    I assume you are a female by your display name but more so by your objection that is more emotional, than objective.

    I also assume you you are voting for Flake as he also advocates, votes, submits, writes and lobbies for suppression of free speech.

    You and your kind are the reason for the pending death of the United States of America.

    • Conservative American says:

      Actually, JPD, now that an abundance of hard evidence has been presented that Cristina Beato has no credibility whatsoever, it would be disingenuous for SA to host more Flake attack ads by Beato. It’s fine to allow political pieces to be posted but not when you know that they are character assassination pieces with accusations by someone who habitually fabricates to the extent of claiming to have a degree from an educational institution which doesn’t even offer that degree!

      “Under educational experience, Beato lists: “successful candidate, occupational medicine, MPH (master’s of public health), University of Wisconsin, 1995.” A university spokeswoman said the school does not offer such a degree.”

      In academic positions, being caught misrepresenting your academic credentials usually results in immediate dismissal. In industry, such a misrepresentation on a resume would result in not being hired. That is part of why Cristina Beato, while she served as Acting Assistant Secretary for Health, was never confirmed to a permanent position as Assistant Secretary for Health! There were, quite simply, too many “exaggerations” and statements which were “factually in error” in her resume!

      Knowing the facts about Cristina Beato, SA should now refrain from further propagating accusations by someone who lacks credibility to the extent that she couldn’t get confirmed to a permanent position in government!

      It says a lot about the character of Jeff Flake that he would call upon someone who couldn’t get confirmed to a position in government, because of a “padded” resume, to help him get elected to a position in government! This amounts to calling upon the discredited to vouch for you!

      If Flake gets elected, perhaps he’ll seek to create a position in government for Cristina Beato. Reviewing resumes of applicants for government positions would be a good job for her, since she knows the ins and outs of padding resumes so well!

      1. JPD says:

        CA, character assassination’s are ok if they are backed up with hard facts. And I don’t care if they are directed at those I support. It’s the LIER’s that need to be removed from serving We The People, where Flake qualifies as one.

        Yes academia, second and post are rabbi on credentials.

        Dr.Cristina Beato has been beat at her own game, using her rules. One good thing for her resume is she can add POLITICAL PROSTITUTE. But she may decide that PIMP is more acceptable in the only field she has left to gain employment in. Well one of two!

        The difference between R&D’s is D’s say what they are and are going to do and do it. R’s tell you what they are and what they are going to do only to be proven as liars. Now there are some good honest R’s, salt of the earth type……. ……. that’s my party!

        1. JPD says:

          Your comment is awaiting moderation.

          test post to see if I'm being censored or site program loops picked up an issue that auto blocked.

          Received this: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

          CA, character assassination’s are ok if they are backed up with hard facts. And I don’t care if they are directed at those I support. It’s the LIER’s that........

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