Senator Flake A Good Example of Why the GOP Must Go


Ex-lobbyist Jeff Flake is at it again, bolstering Democrat and GOP Establishment chances.  How?  He won't support Trump.  That is tantamount to endorsing Clinton.  Of course, he says he wouldn’t vote for her…but then, he has to say that.  He also has to be from another planet if he doesn’t know that in recommending that Republicans “distance” themselves from Trump, he is in fact endorsing Clinton.  Arizona voters also need to know that it’s the same thing as endorsing Clinton.


We all know by now that Clinton and the GOP Establishment are one and the same: they'll ensure that nothing changes in Washington.  Clinton, the crook, won't rock the boat.  She's got a good thing going!  She gets money from seemingly anyone around the world who wants to prey on us.  It's just rolling in.  She's sold herself -- and her country -- just as she has all through her career as Sec'y of State.  Is she going to tell all those wealthy people and their organizations and nations that "Sorry, I'm going to stiff you now."?  Heck no!  That's what we're going to get...but then that's just a continuation of everything Washington since "no new taxes" Bush.  Isn't it crystal clear that we are only pawns in the game of many powerful people and organizations?  They don't care what we think or want.  They only care about our votes -- and our money.  As for the GOP Establishment, they didn't get any of their people nominated, people who, like Clinton, would protect "the game".  Their chosen candidates all sounded the same to us, just like what we already have.  Trump sounded like us, not “them”.  A man like Trump who threatens to upset that game threatens the Establishment, GOP and Democrat.  But since when has the GOP been about the country -- except in words, especially around election time?  They, like Clinton, are only about their game, the ruse which keeps us voting for them.  Clinton supports the game.  Trump opposes it.  Thus the GOP Establishment has to support Clinton -- though they can't really come out and say so.  So they have people like Flake and others do what he does.


Is that what America needs?  Does the United States need such a rigged system?  Should we forget about participatory government and just sit back, allowing the wealthy and big corporations around the world decide how we should be governed?  If so, Jeff Flake is just the guy to perpetuate the trend.  By now, you can't possibly believe that your opinion, or mine, matters to anyone in DC.


Trump offers an antidote to people like Sen.Flake.  Given where we are, if you oppose Donald Trump then you are in support of Flake, Clinton and business as usual in Washington.  There’s really no other rational choice.


Let's look at causes, however, not symptoms.  Who supported Flake?  The AZ GOP is who.  The RNC supported him too and both dissed his conservative primary challenger.  Now ask yourselves, what has the GOP done for us lately?  Isn't it time to dump it?  Are we so lame, so blind and so lazy that we cannot replace it with a party which will demand compliance to the platform from the people it puts in office, having first created a platform which represents the people of the United States with the nation's welfare foremost in sight?  The Republican Party, once a party of the people, was formed back in 1856 to replace the Whig party, a party which like today's GOP, thumbed its nose at its constituents.  By 1860, the GOP had their man, Lincoln, in the White House and the Whigs were only a memory.


What more do we need?  We can do the same as the GOP did in 1856.  Let's not be swayed by "pundits" who make millions of dollars from us and our discontent, nor media who want to keep us right where we are.  Our brains are just as good – even better – than theirs, so why listen to them?  It's long past time.  Let's get free of the GOP!

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