Support for Elections at upcoming Maricopa County Mandatory P.C. Meeting Jan. 16 2010

Attached below, is a letter that is being distributed to all the groups of the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots. The below item will be discussed at the next regular scheduled meeting in each group. A representative from the AZ2010Project will attend each group to answer any questions regarding the content and the purpose of the letter.
If at all possible, please attend your next regular meeting. We will attend to this item at the very beginning of each meeting, so as to allow those with other holiday obligations, a chance to participate in this vital discussion. For those groups with meetings scheduled after the first of the year, I am attempting to arrange a location and meeting next week for your participation. I will keep you informed.
Thanks, Charlie
Comment from Wes Harris: ( sent in an e-mail to the North Phoenix group)
One of the items that we will discuss is the attached request for your approval of a slate of candidates who's names will be offered at the Maricopa County Republican Committeemen mandatory meeting to be held on January 16th. The facts surrounding this request are laid out in this document and I urge you to read it so we may all be conversant with it on Monday night. It represents what I feel the Tea Party Movement, as it relates to the NRC, is all about and I look forward to your comments and questions.
Letter from the AZ2010Project

My Fellow Tea Party Patriots,
We need your help.
Not only are efforts being made by Washington Democrats to turn free-market enterprise into government mandated services that undermine our Constitutional freedoms, something similar is happening within the Republican Party!
Despite thousands of everyday Arizonans rallying to remind our leaders that it is “We the people” who hold the power, certain national-level Republicans are attempting to turn the Party into a command-and-control, top-down, ‘Here are your marching orders’ fiefdom!
Only with your support can we prevent that from occuring.
We have spoken with some high-level state Republican leaders who share our concerns and patriotic beliefs. These principled Americans realize that such a course would be a disaster – both for the Party and for our republic.
We understand if you are sick and tired of BOTH Parties, that too many promises have been broken. We feel the same way. But only the Republican Party has been reaching out to Tea Partiers in an effort to restore and renew its conservative roots.
Many of you may ask: Why are they in outreach mode? The answer: Because they know that without the Tea Parties they can write off the next seven years.
In a three-way Generic Ballot test, the a December 22 Rasmussen Poll reports Democrats attracting 36% of the vote. The Tea Party candidate picks up 23%, and Republicans finish third at 18%. Another 22% remain undecided.
As you can see, while the Tea Party is a political force to be reckoned with, it cannot unite a majority of Americans alone. In fact, no third party in history has ever won the White House, but plenty have caused the more liberal choice to win. Quite simply, to go forward as our own independent party, we risk losing our republic.
If the current regime were to prevail, the result would be seven more years of the same ‘change’ we’ve experienced since January 2009. That means further devastating attacks on our American way of life leading to a growing wave of irreversible entitlement programs, federal control unconstitutional power grabs, and liberal/socialist monetary policies.
We cannot let that happen.
Our best bet is to work with the Republican Party, while ever-reminding it, WE are the grassroots. We will not be dictated to. WE have the power and it is THEIR turn to listen. It is with this understanding that we should work with those Party members who hear our call to protect America loud and clear.
It is in our best interests to help those conservatives still left in the Republican Party to change their Party from within, beginning with an internal Party election in January.
Join us in endorsing the 5-person slate of conservative candidates - Dan Grimm, Walt Opaska, Dan Schultz, Sandy Doty, and Joe Hobbs - at the Arizona Republican Party’s January state conference.
Time is of the essence.
In order successfully to leverage our support, the candidates must have endorsements in hand by January 1. Officers of the AZ2010Project personally will attend Greater Phoenix Tea Party meetings next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to provide additional background information and to secure our Tea Party endorsement for these proven conservative candidates.
Patriotically yours,
The members of the AZ2010Project

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