TERM LIMITS: Independents & Non-declared vote in Arizona Primary Elections GOTV

In Arizona registered Independent and Non-declared voters can request a Party Primary Ballot of THEIR CHOICE at the poll on Election Day or by phone (Maricopa County 602-506-1551) or email for an Early Mail-in Ballot starting 93 days before the August 26, 2014 Primary Election: (here for state wide County Recorder contact information). It’s so simple the POLITICIANS don’t want you to know this, in fact our elected officials tried to change the election laws this past Session (Fifty-first Legislature – Second Regular Session 2014) to move Arizona to a Caucus Primary where they decide who runs in the General Election. 

The Politicians want to exclude voters from the Primary where many races are decided so they control your choices for the General Election. WHY……… because they think We The People apparently aren’t smart enough or is it they want to protect their long term political investment’s, or both. Isn’t this self-serving behavior one of the reasons Independent and Non-declared voter registrations surpassed the other two Partisan Party’s to become the largest voting bloc in Arizona this past March?


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