Thank You DNC!


Thank you for providing such a tremendous lesson in how your party views the concept of our democracy and thank you for the lesson on how your party really feels about the concept of God and the State of Israel.


I don’t fault your delegates nor hold them in distain. I admire their honesty and their willingness to stand up and be counted. Your party’s leaders don’t share that admiration of course. They would have preferred that the delegates not expose their true feelings and they certainly didn’t want to count their votes.


There’s another character that earned a portion of my admiration as well.  Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa who was charged with conducting the business of the party and supervising the vote among the delegates.


The vote itself should not have been contentious. The party was considering recognition of God in their platform and recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of the State of Israel.  These two issues certainly aren’t items of contention for a clear two-thirds majority of the people I associate with nor do they seem to be contentious for the vast majority of Republicans.


Some may wonder why I expressed admiration toward Mayor Villaraigosa. It’s really quite simple; I admired the fact that at the onset at least he attempted to utilize the true form of democracy. When he initially polled the delegates for their votes he recognized that the voice of the people clearly did not support the change in the platform. He paused and surmised that there must have been some confusion. Certainly the memo went out and the delegates understood how they were supposed to vote. 


He polled them a second time using even greater care to pronounce each word and frame the question so that no one in the audience would be confused. The problem was that the delegates weren’t confused. They didn’t support the changes, they didn’t support the concept of God and they didn’t support recognition that Jerusalem is the capitol of the State of Israel.


So Villaraigosa stood perplexed. Somewhere deep inside of himself he recognized that in a true democracy the voice of the people should count. It’s a tenant in our nations beliefs. It’s the foundation of what we as a country stand for and who we as Americans are supposed to be.  At that point, Villaraigosa wanted to be that man. Wanted to be that American. Wanted to be that leader who recognized that the foundational truths that our founding fathers predicated this nation upon were far more sacred than the will of the party’s organizers.


But the echo’s of our founding fathers was not loud enough. No, sadly the whispers of seasoned party organizer drown them out. “Keep going, then you’ve got to let them do what they’re going to do.” The fix was in and with that Villaraigosa abandoned what he once believed and turned his back on what he once held sacred.  The party organizers won. The delegate’s voices were silenced and their votes ignored. And in that moment the Democrats sacrificed the most sacred part of our democracy and it died there upon that stage.


The significance of this event should not be lost on the average American and certainly shouldn’t be lost on those indentured in the Democratic Party. Democratic party leaders have used the same tactics before and their practiced hand virtually assures that they would never be caught in a moment of hesitation like Mayor Villaraigosa displayed. The party leaders knew that the vote wasn’t really about God or Jerusalem it was just another instance of mundane political positioning. For the average Democrat they may have been comfortable in the past allowing their party leaders to ride roughshod over the peoples voice because they usually agreed with outcome. Some delegates and Democrats may feel differently today.  


We’re extremely fortunate to have witnessed this event. It was a rare glimpse behind the curtain of the heavily scripted and manipulated imagery that politicians generally allow us to see. The challenge going forward will be to remember this history correctly as the party leaders and their pundit’s tell us that we didn’t really see what we know we did see and that these are not the droids we’re looking for.


If we allow the significance of this moment to pass we fail not only ourselves but weaken the very concepts and ideals supporting our republic.


The significance of these events should not be lost on those who have a true and abiding belief in God. These beliefs, our beliefs should not be used merely as tokens in a political game. Not diminished to a mere slogan. But on that night we saw that they are.  


The significance of the events certainly shouldn’t be lost on those who believe in the God of Israel or support the Jewish state.  The Democratic party leaders have signaled a fundamental change in their concept of the State of Israel and Jews especially should take notice of the signals given by the majority of the delegates at the Democratic National Convention that support for this shift in philosophy runs very deep within their party.


For Jews the failure to heed signals such as these can have a devastating effect upon their nation. The world is a dangerous place and maybe no more dangerous than for a tiny country sandwiched between volatile enemies in the Middle East.


Sadly, many Jews ignored the signals coming out of another political party in 1930’s Germany and it led to the greatest tragedy in the history of man. Am I saying that the Democratic Party is akin to the Nazi Party of 1930’s Germany? No! Am I harkening back to the days of Hitler just to score a cheap political point? No!


What I am saying is that the risks the State of Israel faces today are far greater than those posed by that German chancellor and his war machine. Today, the nation of Iran stands firm in its belief that the regime in the State of Israel should be wiped from the face of the earth. Today, the nation of Iran also stands on the brink of developing nuclear weapons. The greatest fear for the State of Israel is what will happen tomorrow. 


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently pleading for President Obama and his team to take a more aggressive role in eradicating this real and present threat. Is this the time that the President’s party should signal a softening in their support?

I’m unimpressed that the Democrats pushed through the party planks recognizing God and acknowledging Jerusalem at the capitol of the State of Israel. Their true feelings have been exposed and their willingness to pervert our democratic ideals for pure political theater has been evidenced.


Most times our lives are filled with simple events, which barely create a wrinkle in time. At the other end of the spectrum there are major events, which shift the track of history itself. Somewhere in the middle resides those moments where people of character notice an injustice or perceive a perversion. Then they stand in defense of an issue and begin a movement toward a right and honorable cause.


We have all just lived through such a moment. Who will stand?

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