the epa has got to go....they are drunk with power and are only adding to the craziness in our nation......

Planning to remodel? Unless your home is fairly new, only renovators certified
to handle lead will soon be legally allowed to do the work. The
problem: Many are not yet ready.

On April 22, the Environmental Protection Agency is slated to enact rules requiring EPA certification
for contractors working 0n homes built before lead paint was banned in
1978. The rule, aimed at limiting exposure to lead, applies to
carpenters, plumbers, heating and air conditioning workers, window
installers and others.

Two-thirds of US homes and apartments (78 million out of 120 million) were built before 1978, says Calli Schmidt
of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), citing Census
Bureau data. She says half of the pre-1978 homes don't contain lead but
the rule, depending on implementation, might apply to all of them...

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