Todays Educational Piece: The new AZ Guard Rediness Center in Florence

Should citizens of AZ be concerned about this new Guard rediness center?

If yes, then why?

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Comment by wayne r bauer on September 8, 2010 at 7:53am
Obama and napolitano are getting ready to handle their terrorists, white veterans, gun owners, anti abortion supporters. They're being prepared all over the country, Kansas citizens are aware of many in their state, probably because they have put up billboards saying abortion is murder.
Comment by John M. Angell Sr. on September 7, 2010 at 8:41am
Nope,unbeknownest to most Americans,there are many areas that were "set aside" during WWII to be used as "Detention Areas" for containment of whomsoever....Japanese,Germans..?? When the War was over,the land never reverted to anyone. I know this as I was a police officer in Daytona Beach Florida, and we were apprised of several such sites within the control of the DBPD for use as "Holding Areas" in case of any type of racial up rising that we were kinda prepairing for during the late '60s. I would surmise that with the speed[?] and normal ineptitude of our goverment "officials" those sites still exist. This "open site" is really nothing different. John M. Angell Sr. Show Low

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