I thought I could never be surprised again! The daughter of the PM of Libya lives in Tempe, and her statement that he was just "Shocked" is laughable. Note: She feels safe in our state at a time like this? She held a peaceful demonstration on Mill Avenue, and no harm came to her. This blows a hole in the theory of the left that Arizonians are Nazi's and haters of immigrants!




Her father's comments do not feel sincere and are actually cryptic as he uses the word militia many times, disarmament, and what is very telling is when he refers to them as vigilantes taking the law into their own hands as if to say there was some injustice committed by Chris Stevens and his staff inside the Embassy! This does not sound like a man that is remorseful or sorry for the behavior of those idiots!



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Comment by JPD on September 16, 2012 at 7:23am

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