I’m told by many sources that this is a close presidential race.  The polls show it and the talking heads and writers of the Establishment Journalistic Departments dutifully report the same.


My eyes and ears are telling a different story.


Nowhere do I see Hillary Clinton bumper stickers or yard signs in anywhere near the number of Trump stickers and signs.  I recently spent some time in the Blue city of St. Louis without seeing a single Hillary Clinton sign.  A recent week spent in the Blue state of Maine, yielded one Hillary yard sign!  Just one!  A friend in Massachusetts, a Harvard grad with ties to the college, tells me that he's not seeing any in Cambridge!


It’s the same with rallies: Trump fills stadiums and halls and few show up for Clinton.  On college campuses women tell Establishment TV press that they have no connection to Clinton.  Those same Establishment media organs tell us the polls show that it’s close, but various Hollywood, union and influential black figures make disparaging comments about her.  The latter three sources are normally without question a Democrat rubber stamp of approval.  Around town, around the country, I don’t hear people talking about Clinton – at least not in terms of approval.  I do hear much about Trump, mostly approval, but some disapproval as well.  No one’s talking about Clinton save for the Establishment’s media people.


I have Trump signs in my yard, but dear friends who are, alas, misguided and planning to vote for Hillary have no “Hillary” sign in their yard or other indication that they believe that she is a good choice.  I think that they are whistling in the dark…that is, I doubt their conviction that she is the right choice as much as they would like to believe that she is.   Eminently sensible in any other area of their lives that I know of, retired officer-level executives of high standing from a Fortune 100 company, it must be dawning on them that their would-be choice is, at best, incompetent or, at worst, incompetent and a criminal.


Then there’s Bernie.  How many Bernie write-ins will go against Clinton?  I believe that the number will be large.  She threw him under the bus, big time.  In fact, it’s more accurate to say that the DNC squashed him before they threw him under the bus: he was pre-flattened, already roadkill!  How many Democrat voters did that alienate?  The number may be large, as I know several personally who were thus disgusted.  (What can I say?  They’re family! )   So, say what you will about Bernard Sanders – loafer, professional zero, no sense of economics whatever, never held a real job, etc. – the guy wasn’t a criminal as far as we know and  a lot of people liked him.  Clinton kicked his fans where it hurts.


From where I stand, I can see only massive voter fraud lifting Clinton to a victory.  A similarly large body of skewed polls showing a “close” race would support that.  If the polls showed that it was NOT a close race and Clinton went on to win, the fraud would be out in the open.  As near as I can tell, it looks as though it should be a Trump landslide.  If it is not, I’m certain that the answer will be fraud.  Don’t forget: the ruling Establishment, that is, Republican and Democrat power as well as their mainstream media, do not want Trump to win.  Some Republican state committees – Ohio for example -- are also stacked with people who support that ruling Establishment minority who do not want Trump to win.  This election could be very dicey on the fraud front…

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