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I received an email string that contained the following where personal information and format has been redacted. Clearly U.S. Senate Candidate Wil Cardon contends by indirect proxy that the Urban Land Institute(ULI), is not affiliated with Agenda21 whatsoever, where Cardon is still affiliated with the ULI Smart Growth Committee as Co-Chair. Interesting choice of words, “the issue that he was involved with many years ago has been misinterpreted as being part of Agenda 21.”

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Subject: Question of Wil Cardon's stand on U.N. Agenda 21

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Date: Wednesday, June 6, 2012, 12:03 PM


     You said that you would be asking Wil Cardon about his stand on U.N. Agenda 21 and his past involvement in organizations or initiatives which further the Agenda 21 cause.  What were the results of your inquiry?  There is a lot at stake in this election of an Arizona senator and we don't want to make the mistake of electing someone for 6 years who will abdicate our sovereignty to the corrupt U.N. as McCain intends to do. Please let me know what you've found out on this issue.  I have many people waiting for the answer.

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To: Ray ******* <ray*********@yahoo.com>

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Sent: Wednesday, June 6, 2012 3:35 PM

Subject: Re: Question of Wil Cardon's stand on U.N. Agenda 21

Hi Ray - yeppers, got a straight answer - Wil is AGAINST Agenda 21 - the issue that he was involved with many years ago has been misinterpreted as being part of Agenda 21.  It was an urban land development that was not connected to the UN and/or any part of Agenda 21.  Also, that program had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with giving up and/or affecting our national sovereignty. I'll also be learning more about Wil tomorrow as he is going to be at the Paradise Valley/Scottsdale Tea Party at 6:30PM at the Thunderbird Hotel on Butherus near the Scottsdale airport.  Anyone who is interested in meeting Wil is welcome and I will personally introduce them to Wil - a fine businessman (his very successful business runs completely debt free - I repeat DEBT free - have to have some fun as that is a very unique situation these days). Ray - I will be more than happy to talk to anyone who has further questions - my cell phone 602-9**-01**. Wil is a straight player - not at all like McCain and Flake - a solid guy. If you have any ?'s or need further clarification feel free to give me a call. Jim.



I stand by my statement that U.S. Senate Candidate Wil Cardon is a threat to the SOVEREIGNTY of the United States of America and our Constitution, thereby not a credible individual for holding a PEOPLE’s seat in the U.S. Senate.

Agenda21 = ICLEI = ULI, they are working in concert.

INFORMED CONSENT disqualification simply is Wil Cardon knows; he’s WITH KNOWLEDGE in whole or part of what Agenda21 is about and Urban Land Institutes’ complicity. WILLFUL IGNORANCE disqualification simply is Wil Cardon doesn’t know or KNOWINGLY avoids becoming informed.




Developers' 'smart growth' doesn't agree with cities' ideas: Aug. 15, 2008. “For example, he (Cardon) points out that mobile homes on Main Street in east Mesa could be moved to make room for cityscape projects.”

REDFIELDS TO greenfields or is it Green to Red?


YouTube vides on ULI stream automatically First video “Feds moved the market” (who’s the FED - our tax money). “NAME YOUR MARKET” - hunting for your money to fund their “PRODUCT.” What does PRODUCT mean - ‘public private partnership’: what they can get you the tax payer to pay for where they are not at risk, “”access”" to political figures all on the backs of you the tax payer.  Be sure to view video 6 “financing who pays for retrofitting” – private public partnership. No wonder Cardon wants to be a Senator, or is he making sure Flake gets in?

Think about it, Cardon’s 4 million self-funding campaign is but a drop in the bucket as far as investing in his future. As Jim said in the email above “…..Wil - a fine businessman (his very successful business runs completely debt free - I repeat DEBT free…)” Then why such a campaign that is destine to result in a planned loss or a withdrawal, so many ads with made up crap. The photoshopped ad, no one makes such a mistake unless done on purpose as to force a decline. Guess those ex Kyl staffers on Cardon’s campaign know their job well.   



The Heritage Foundation: Agenda 21 Should Not Divert Attention from Homegrown Anti-Growth Policies, By Wendell Cox , Ronald Utt, Ph.D. and Brett Schaefer; December 1, 2011: Missing the Real Target - Opponents of Agenda 21 should not be distracted from the more tangible manifestation of the smart-growth principles outlined in that document. If they focus excessively on Agenda 21, it is much more likely that homegrown smart-growth policies that date to the early 1970s and undermine the quality of life, personal choice, and property rights in American communities will be implemented by local, state, and federal authorities at the behest of environmental groups and other vested interests.

NGOS and Agenda 21 Saturday, September 24, 2011 by Deb: One rarely hears of it. Few elected officials raise an eyebrow. The media makes no mention of it. But power is slowly slipping away from our elected representatives. In much the same way Mao Tse-tung had his Red Guards, so the UN has its NGOs. They may well be your masters of tomorrow, and you don’t even know who or what they are. There are, in fact, two parallel, complimentary forces operating in the world, working together to advance the global Sustainable Development agenda, ultimately heading toward UN global governance. Those two forces are the UN itself and non-governmental organizations(NGOs.)

Is Smart Growth America ‘SGA’ a NGO (ULI is a Coalition Member)? Go here and hit the ‘POLICY WORK link, inform yourself: the Partnership for Sustainable Communities is interesting – “the Partnership grants HUD, DOT and EPA the ability to coordinate federal policies, programs and resources to achieve multiple goals at the same time.” Go read this is context and ask yourself where does the Fed Departments get their Constitutional Authority to legislate via regulation? Moreover, Smart Growth America(and coalition) grant, grant what. Oh they do their part and we do ours.

"Smart Growth" is "Agenda 21" By Henry Lamb, Thursday, 20 February 2003. The Smart Growth Network(SGN), for example, is a nationwide effort coordinated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's(EPA) Urban and Economic Development Division. EPA is supporting the SGN through cooperative partnerships with organizations such as the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). ICMA serves as the organizational "home" of the SGN and runs its membership program. Membership in SGN is separate from membership in ICMA.


Smart Growth Network ‘SGN’ (ULI is a SGN Partner), be sure to hit the SGN link!

GLOBE ALLIANCE (ULI a GLOBE Partner), hit the “ABOUT” tab – review “What We Do.” 

ICLEI = Agenda21 Case Studies on the Local Agenda 21 Process: Prepared jointly by ICLEI, the United Nations….. At the worldwide level, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) has established a Local Agenda 21 Initiative with Local Authority participants from more than 20 countries in every region of the world. They are working with local residents, community organizations, NGOs, businesses, unions, and other groups towards sustainable development at the local level. 

ULI = ICLEI  ICLEI is an accredited NGO for the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development and has a stated goal of achieving Agenda 21 internationally. The STAR Community Index system is the playbook for converting your town into a fully sustainable, global, Agenda 21 approved city of the world without the consent of your State or US Legislature. Here are some of the contributor’s to the STAR Index: The Center for American Progress,  US Green Building Council,  Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC), Sierra Club, US Dept of Energy, EPA, Urban Land Institute,  NOAA, US Centers for Disease Control, AFL/CIO,  and the Apollo Alliance. Several of the above are heavily funded by George Soros who has called publically for the “fall” of the US, in order to achieve his dream of a world without borders. 

http://www.kathyblahaconsulting.com/projects.asp To leverage engagement and collaboration by combining the assets of the public and private sectors (who pays for private public partnership) in novel ways to create effective and sustained solutions for parks and public lands. (she is a facilitator of ICLEI & ULI) 

http://www.icleiusa.org/about-iclei/staff/andrea-lytle-peet She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), and the inaugural class of ULI Washington's Regional Land Use. 

http://www.fordfoundation.org/regions/united-states/team/don-chen compare to   

http://www.americanprogress.org/events/2011/04/inf/ChenDon.html - do you know who Center for American Progress(Cap) is? Created by Hilary 2003; funded by Soros 2004. They stormed the White House under Obama with over 70% of his administration coming from CAP. Libya conflict, Obama and two top admin for 60 hours said no way no how – Billary from France said we are going in. Within 12 hours Obama went in, so who’s in charge?

Why did we go in  , who is we – NWO? Gaddafi was going to feed Africa. Remember, San Joaguin Valley the Delta Smelt. FYI, Pelosi attended the 1992 Rio Conference and she’s attending the Rio 20. 

http://www.icleiusa.org/news/franklin-tn-police-headquarters-receiv... The Urban Land Institute (ULI) Nashville District honored the City of Franklin. 

http://www.worldgbc.org/site2/index.php?cID=96 The WorldGBC and its 80+ member GBCs are proud to work with such organizations as the Urban Land Institute, ICLEI, Johnson Controls, Lend Lease, NRDC, Global Green, ASHRAE, United Technologies Corporation and Ingersoll Rand on this vital collaboration. 


Interestingly, the Arizona Urban Land Institute (ULI) along with “collaborative partners’” will be launching their CommunityPlan: A Public Officials Education Curriculum in April 2012, as a direct result of the 2011 Arizona Legislature killing the Arizona Department of Commerce, which had been administering PROP 303: 1998′s “The Growing Smarter Act.” 

http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/41425 Your local government authorities start to exceed their constitutionally granted powers by working with private international and national organizations through Public-Private Partnerships. You notice a significant push toward “social justice,” interfaith initiatives that promote “one world” along with community diversity, multiculturalism, sameness of faiths, social inclusion, and environmental stewardship. (Darin Moser) 

Smart Growth: Shadow Players in the New World Order 

Tennessee Lawmakers and UN Agenda 21 Lawmakers in Tennessee passed a resolution on March 15, 2012 condemning United Nations Agenda 21 as a “destructive and insidious” environmental plan to advance communist agenda under the guise of community planning.

And in the other corner we have Jeff Flake who thinks voting to allow employers the right to demand your social network passwords is OK. Jeff also thinks its ok to fund the DOJ lawsuits against states that are trying to protect their borders.

My VOTE goes to Clair VAN Stennwyk for U.S. Senate.

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Wil Cardon for Senate: Urban Land Institute (ULI), Smart Growth, Ag...




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