WILL Clair VAN Steenwyk challenge John McCain in the 2016 Primary Election?

It’s being said that five term U. S. Senator John Sidney McCain III has overstayed his welcome representing Arizona: ‘vulnerable in primary’ is the echo. That he overstates his conservatism with his infamous Primary Election Hard Right Shuffle (no wonder he has a stiff neck), the shuffle he mentored Jeff Flake on in 2012. My choice to run against McCain is Clair “VAN” Steenwyk, clearly one who knows and can articulate what the real issues are, who will put the Senator McCain in his place using his own voting record – actions - behaviors.

VAN as a United States Senator would put We The People of Arizona on the same level of his loyalty to the United States Constitution.  He has never wavered on any issue he has expressed himself on, just ask the Legislative District Members who’s meetings he has frequently attended over the past 7 years.

Saw this again the other day, I’m wondering if this 2012 sign is still up for a reason.

WILL Clair VAN Steenwyk challenge John McCain in the 2016 Primary E...

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Comment by Vans Crossroads on May 26, 2015 at 12:29pm

To All Our Friends & Supporters in Arizona

Jean & I have received quite a number of inquiries through emails, Face book , phone calls and personal conversations asking us to run in the 2016 race against Senator McCain, and now this posting of a 2012 Campaign Sign compels a response to all. The reasoning from most is we understand what it takes for a statewide race, and have a grasp of the issues with solutions, in addition to statewide name recognition and history of not caving into pressure from the Left side of the GOP. 
Jean & I realize this in and of itself is a great honor to be thought of so highly by so many of our fellow Arizonans. We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence Our Friends and Supporters have shown in just asking the question. 
Jean & I are discussing and praying about this, we believe Senator McCain needs to be replaced and we’d enjoy doing it, we have the time needed to mount such a challenge, however also realize many GOP power brokers don’t want us in this race as they prefer the Evil they know, vs. Truth they don’t want. 
Those who’ve encouraged us know it will take a great deal of time and money to defeat Senator McCain, as he has been proven over the last 30yrs., and with those he’s supported as well. 
We’ll be accepting all and any comments and suggestions. I’ve also been told some plan to line up the financial support needed for such an endeavor, we want to thank them for their effort and hope others will join them, as that’s what it will take to succeed in this endeavor. 
We hope all of you will keep us in your thoughts and prayers as well, we won’t keep you waiting, the final key to making the decision is the ability to raise the Funds as without Funds no one will defeat Senator McCain’s AZ Political Machine.
God Bless You All; 
Clair & Jean 
Clair Van Steenwyk for a Constitutional American Government

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