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At 5:24pm on January 10, 2021, Laurie Cosper said…
I saw a video showing that they are putting up fencing to keep people away from the capital building. Is it true that this is happening?
At 7:26pm on April 20, 2020, Jerry Bliss said…

Then do it kid

At 7:48am on July 10, 2016, Carol Miklica said…

Hi Kelly. I recently moved from Ahwatukee and am now residing in Mesa. I have been a member of the Tukee Tea Party for almost 8 years (yes, I was one of the many marchers taking on the Liberals in Phoenix and Scottsdale) but need to know where you folks gather for meetings so I can join the others attending. Am anxious to know the location as I am now living on Ellsworth and Southern in Mesa.. Thanks for any direction you can give me and thanks for all your hard work for freedom!. 

At 4:00pm on July 26, 2015, Gloria Jean Steele said…

How can we be heard about defunding Planned Parenthood and passing Kate's Law? I'm so disappointed in our Republican leaders.

At 8:59am on July 22, 2014, Darrell D said…

I've noticed that for some time now, that Mozilla Firefox does not load this page correctly - hardly at all, where it used to do so.  I can get it to load with IE, but really don't like using IE. 

Can the website be made to load correctly in Firefox?

Thank you.

At 8:59pm on February 16, 2014, 1Qtown said…

Kelly – Many in Quartzsite remember and think of you as the supportive lady who selflessly  traveled way out here to observe and offer support in our troublesome hot summer of 2011 (runaway government). We are still grateful. I am still grateful. Thank you for your courageous effort on COS. It is vitally important. Support and prayer for you.  

At 6:36pm on December 15, 2013, VIRGINIA FULLER said…

I wished I could join you.

But I am on assignment in CA.

At 12:54pm on December 4, 2013, Judy Eades said…


I was wondering if any of our legislators were going to the Mt. Vernon Convention and just got your e-mail that you are attending.

I'm thinking back, maybe 4-5  years ago, when you first brought the Tea Party to the West Valley.  Kelly, we must protect our state and I hope all our legislators are in agreement. Thank you so much for your service!

Godspeed to you also and you are in our prayers.

Judy Eades & Gordon Bradshaw

At 2:09pm on September 26, 2013, Jeannie Schenk said…

Hi Kelly,

I do not know how to get articles posted on Greater Phoenix TP but, I am figuring you do.  I would like to inform the tea partiers about a coming Trucker Shutdown on Oct. 11-13th.  These men and women of the highway who sacrifice time with their families on a regular basis so that we can have goods and services everyday are calling for a shutdown in order to protest corruption in DC and to support everyday Americans in their fight against Washington aggression and Obamacare, Behghazi, Fast and Furious and last but not least high fuel prices and onerous regulation on the trucking industry as a whole.  My husband and I have spent our lifetimes in the trucking business and would appreciate any support the tea partiers would like to show.  I am including a link that gives more information.  They have a Facebook page however rumor has it that fb is interfering with it.  Any help you might be able to offer to help spread the word would be much appreciated.  thank you.  Jeannie Schenk

At 7:04pm on August 21, 2013, mike peek gave Kelly Townsend a gift
At 10:30am on August 6, 2013, Hal Davidson said…


(I am not afraid)


On Aug. 2nd I started a petition asking President Obama to fire Eric Holder, so far not many have signed it.

I understand, because they are afraid of repercussions from the IRS, NSA, FBI and other government ageneses.

I am not afraid because they are already listening to everything we say and do anyway.

It is my right to petition the government when I feel that they are doing wrong.

In my opinion Eric Holder has not been truthful on many matters and should be removed from office.

John Kennedy once said, “ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

I feel by doing the petition this is what I can do for my Country.


Please do not be afraid and sign the petition by clicking link below and filling out the form, and please be sure to pass this on to every person that is proud to say, I am an AMERICAN.


Thank you.

Hal Davidson


At 1:51am on August 6, 2013, Hal Davidson said…
I have sent emails to every Republican Senator, the RNC, the Republican party in Arizona, and many many other people asking them to sign the petition to fire Eric Holder and then forward it to everyone they know, so far NO one has responded.
I find it hard to believe that no one cares what this man has done.
If the RNC  and other groups got behind this it might stand a chance.
Thank you
Hal Davidson Former Chairman of the Republican Party in La Paz County AZ.
PO box 477
Quartzsite AZ 85346


At 9:21pm on August 5, 2013, Charlene Hanson said…

KELLY,  Sorry for this second notice tonight. I just called KFYI and the news room said that Broomhead must have had it wrong. They have it down that he will be coming in around 11:30 A.M. at the airport and will be on a short tour of some site first.  Then he will got to the school around 1:00P.M. and leaves the area at 2:10 P.M. after a short talk at the school. That is the latest. Who knows what is next ?   Charlene

At 5:27pm on July 10, 2013, Frank Graham said…

Is there a get to gather on July 11th?

Thank you!



At 11:12am on July 9, 2013, Carly said…

Hey Kelly,
I presented this to the Mayors of Gilbert and Queen Creek at a precinct committee meeting in April, but got no response.  I was wondering if anyone in the tea party was interested in discussing any of these issues.  It's kind of long, because I included aerial photos of all the microwave towers around my house in gilbert.  But if you skip past them it's not too long.  It's really getting out of hand, and as a result of confronting them with this I have been targeted beyond belief.  so I have kind of lost hope in anyone actually helping me with these crimes, so I wanted to get your take on it.  If you want to call me
my number is 714-397-3087.  Thanks. Carly

At 10:43am on July 9, 2013, Jack Ullstrup said…

Hi Kelly - I have school on Tuesday nights , but I look forward to attending meetings between semesters 

At 2:25pm on July 8, 2013, Adrienne Clare said…

Kelly, just wanted to thank you for the announcement for the funeral for the 19 firefighters tomorrow.  I will be driving to Prescott Valley, VERY early tomorrow morning from Orange County, CA with my friend Robin.  Hopefully, we will be there by 10:00AM.  When I couldn't find a room anywhere I called the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce and they said they are expecting 30,000 people and the stadium only holds 5,100.  Only family members, officials, and firemen will be allowed in.  All others will view the funeral from a wide screen outside the stadium.  Just an FYI...bring your chairs and water.

Thanks!  Adrienne Clare

At 8:49am on June 20, 2013, Leon said…

Kelly . I would like to purchase a " Don't Thread  flag " But there are no 1-800 numbers .

Thank you .

At 10:46am on June 17, 2013, Frank Graham said…

Well I keep trying ! I believe that The Power of a strong Tea Party my be our LAST CHANCE to regain our country SHORT of a armed conflict. I thought I joined the Chandler Tea Party but now I'm learning there is non. I'm needing help of some kind.

Thank you!

Frank Graham 

At 10:35am on June 17, 2013, Frank Graham said…

Hello Kelly. I've been trying to find out what's going on. Is there a Chandler Tea Party or am I looking in the wrong pleases?

Thank you!

Frank Graham 

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